I will be the first person to acknowledge that I'm not an expert at education.  However, I have been in academia my entire life, and have taught at every level (including kindergarten, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, & 11th grades, undergrad, and graduate courses- I even have some experience with academics in prison), and now I'm teaching my own littles at home.  My focus is more than just basic morality & earthly success.  Those things just aren't enough. Instead, my main focus is spiritual depth & God's purpose (2 Peter 1:12-15).  I use education as a medium to teach the most important things (characteristics I focus on) .  I don't have one philosophy for teaching.  I have many.  I use what works since each child is different. I want to share with you some of what I have been doing in our home classroom, and hopefully you can incorporate some of these activities into your own home classroom.

Our Favorite Homeschool Resources!

Library Project Unit Study

"Do you school year-round?"

A Day in the Life of An Accidental Homeschooler

Scones for Tea Time

Bees, Butterflies, & Flowers {Free Printable!}

Spring Showers {Free Printable}

Sending Valentines {Free Printable!}

Behavior Punch Cards {Free Printable!}

Astronomy & Geography Book List

Shepherd's Dinner: Christmas Activity

Winter Sleigh Activity

Winter Book List

Winter Activity Pack- FREE Printable

Hot Cocoa- FREE Printable

Christmas Cookie- FREE Printable

Christmas Lights: Math & Handwriting FREE Printable

Christmas Activity Pack

Tree Trimming: FREE Math & Handwriting Printable

Top 5 Picture Book Authors (and what I look for in a picture book)

Autumn Acorns: Math & Handwriting Activities {Free!}

Pumpkin Seeds: Math & Handwriting Activities {Free!}

Apple Unit- Engaging Ways to Teach Your Preschooler All About Apples!

Second Mornings for this Season of Life

Falling Leaves {FREE Printable}

Autumn Activities {FREE Printable!}

Brave Grown Spaces

Summer Book Haul
Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part 3 

Apple Seeds

Treasure Jar Learning Activities + FREE Download

Back to School Muffins

Clams & Pearls- Summer Learning Activities + Free Download

Number Sight Words with 3 activities (and 7 content areas!)

Best Books for the Homeschooling Mom

Fish'n, Learnin', & Snack'n

Three Engaging Preschool Activities for Learning about Measurement

America and Our World: Books & Activities for Learning and Celebrating!

Waterbeads: Sensory Play

Using Kwikstixs

The Ticket Jar

One Octopus + Eight Learning Concepts

An Entire Unit on the Letter 'I'- an example with lots of free downloads

Five Senses Clip Cards with Various Levels- FREE!

Days of the Week, Season, & Songs.....ALL FREE!

An Entire Unit on the Letter 'S'- an example with lots of free downloads

How do you pick age-appropriate objectives? What is your schedule? What are your plans for homeschooling? Favorite preschool resources?

Fourth of July Fun

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cards- FREE!

If You Give a Dog a Donut- ENTIRE Literature Unit with NINE Activities!!!

Creative Activities with Do-A-Dot Printables

Painting Textures

Toothbrush Phonics

Months of the Year- FREE flashcards AND Song

Fine Motor Tools for Preschoolers

Easter Egg Tubes

Books & Building Creative Brains

Leprechaun Paint

Easter Chocolate Numbers + FREE Download

Composition Notebook Ideas: Affordable & Minimal Planning

Coffee Break Bag OR Educational Busy Bag

Pipe Cleaner Tracing + FREE Download

Chain Counting + FREE Download

How We Display Our Schoolwork

Testing Dolls- Assessing Comprehension

Color Clip Cards- FREE Customize-able Download!

Firefighter Unit

Scripture Practice for Kids

Donut Dice + FREE Printable

Glow in the Dark Activity

Snowball Counting

What Do YOU Do with Your Christmas Cards AFTER Christmas?

Ice Tray Activities for All Seasons

Christmas Book a Day Tradition

Elf on the Shelf- Cheap & Easy Style

Christmas Tree Clip Counting + FREE Download

Cornucopia Countdown

Pudding Letters + FREE Download

The BEST Fall Fun Activities for Preschoolers

Bridging Science with the Alphabet

Patterns of Fall + FREE Download

Fall Cork Art

Pumpkin Pie Book Art

Dump Truck Pumpkin Counting + FREE Download

Sorting Textures & Shapes for Fall

Festive Fall Leaves, Sorting, AND Conversation!

Five *FREE* Number Activities

Marble Jug Motor Skills- Colors, Math, & Fine Motor Skills

Salt Tray + FREE Download!!!

Colorful Fun Noodle Letters

Road Trip Ready with ZERO Screen Time Options

One Room School House- Our Homeschool Space

Activities for HOT Summer Months

Leftover Easter Egg Numbers

Flashcards for Women

Birdfeeder: Fun for Kids & Adults

Roll. Write. Count. + FREE Download

Books For Character Conversations

Education Birthday Gifts for a THREE Year Old!

Snack Time Counting Fun + FREE Download

The Bunny System for Discipline + FREE Download

Heart-Oriented Correction + FREE Download

Sticker Matching & Numbers with TWO Levels

Collection of Easter Activities for Preschoolers

Easter Books for Preschoolers

Egg Holes for Preschoolers

Easter Egg Catching- A Fine Motor Task

Easter Egg Color Counting + FREE Download

Easter Egg Color Puzzle {FREE Activity}

The Montessori Approach- Activities, Books, & Stations

St. Patrick's Day Gifts & Crafts for Preschoolers

Weather Activities for Preschoolers

St. Patrick's Day Activities for Preschoolers

Cereal Numbers

Chalkboard Tracing

Valentine's Cork Painting

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Fine Motor Loops

Characteristics to Teach

Educational & Fun Christmas Activities

Christmas Books for Children

Christmas in July Party

Fall Books for Children

Popsicle Puzzles

Toys for Toddler Learning

Toddler Learning Gift Ideas

Best Books for Toddlers- First Edition

Oh The Places You'll Go with Scripture + FREE Download

Alphabet Scripture Flash Cards + FREE Download

Tummy Time Artwork

xoxo Darby
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