Monday, January 29, 2018

Donut Dice + FREE Printable

This IS a brilliant (+FREE) way to start celebrating Valentine's Day with your preschooler.  I SO want to claim this idea as my own, but it isn't. I found this donut activity, & knew that my little ones would have fun while learning, and since they did, I want to share how we're using our wiggles to our advantage (instead of trying to stifle them).Donut Dice- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
First, I printed off this donut activity.  Then I laminated the graphing sheet and I put the donut cards in one of these cubes.  (Though, the printable comes with a way to fold up a dice if you want).  I purchased some little hearts in the dollar section at Target and I was ready to go.  DSC_0234
I let the kids take turns throwing the dice down the hallway.  Then they had to run back to me & put a heart on the donut they rolled.  What they loved most was seeing which donut was going to "win".  What I loved most about this was that we got to talk about Valentine's Day, graphing, more vs. less, matching, colors, shapes......all while using our wiggles!!! We've had this in our morning basket for the past few weeks and we are still loving the "Donut Game" after breakfast every morning. Go here and get this FREE printable and let me know what your toddler thinks!DSC_0238DSC_0239
xoxo Darby

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