About the Nest

Hi and welcome to our blog!

This blog began as a way for hubs and I to document our marriage and the start of our lives together, as well as to stay connected with family.  But let's be honest, while I do all the writing, Hubs is the master-mind behind me, supporting me, and making sure I get the most perfect pictures for you. So start exploring and clicking around.  Meanwhile, I'll just keep telling our story... the way I remember it.

Meet the Lovebirds :-)
The Mr & Mrs

I'm Darby :-)

Who are the Hawleys?
The Mr and I both grew up on the east coast and met in college at Randolph-Macon in Ashland, VA (which is the Center of the Universe in case you were wondering). We had a beautiful wedding on December 2007 in the Pittsburgh area, and now reside in Houston, TX.  Hubs works for a petrophysics company and I have a doctorate in Developmental and Cognitive Neuroscience (for more on my personal career path see here and here.)

The moment our lives began :-)
Click here to read more about our wedding, and here for more about our vows.

Truly loving our lives in Houston

When we first moved to Houston we were counting the days until we could return to the east coast, but I have to admit that I think it might be a challenge to get us to return now. We are really enjoying our life together in Houston; each day is more wonderful than the last. We are very blessed and we look forward to what God has in store for our future :-)

After years of infertility, we added to our nest in June 2014.  
Our Little Peep has changed our world and we are completely smitten!
In January of 2016 we joyfully welcomed our first baby girl.  
These two little ones have made our lives so much sweeter.

We share our home with our sweet 4-legged babies: Tomlin (above) and Rooney (below).
I'm pretty sure these are the most loved pups in the universe ;-)
Our blog is a hodge-podge collection of our lives, recording our comings and goings, foodie adventures and recipes, faith, infertility & parenting, travel, dog tales, musings, photography, craft projects, home renovations, home decor, and homeschooling.

Thanks for stopping by our little piece of blogland.  Stick around and enjoy our blog =)

Please feel free to leave comments or email us; we love to hear from our readers!
xoxo Darby
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