Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tomlin’s New Brother

You might have guessed from the title of this post, or seen the pictures on Facebook already, but in case you haven't, Tomlin got a new brother over the weekend.  We brought home a 6 week old Lab/Black Mouth Cur mix puppy; his name is Rooney (we named him after the owner of the Steelers, because we’re obsessed with the Steelers of course! lol Read how Tomlin got her name here).  Rooney was rescued from a family that emaciated their animals on purpose (I don’t understand why people do this.  You don’t have to like animals, but you don’t have to abuse them either ARG!).  Aside from removing Rooney from the negative environment, Phil and I have wanted to get Tomlin a playmate for some time but we were going to wait until she was one.  However, during the Christmas break while we were out of town, Tomlin stayed with a great friend of mine who has a dog and a cat of her own.  For two weeks, Tomlin had 2 playmates all day long.  When we returned to Houston, of course Tomlin was happy to see us, but it was clear that she was sad without her buddies.  So we decided to not wait until she was 1 and just get another puppy right away.  When we learned about these puppies we felt like it was perfect timing.
The picture on the left is Phil with Tomlin the day we got her.  The picture on the right is Phil with Rooney, on Saturday.
Introducing: Mr Rooney HawleyDSC_0043
To be honest, I was very nervous about getting Rooney; much more nervous than I was with Tomlin.  Whereas before Tomlin, I was concerned with how Phil and I would work as a team, and how a puppy could change things.  I have no idea why I let this anxiety exist; there were no issues with any of that.  This time my concerns were for different reasons: I was worried about how we would be able to take care of an already struggling pup, what would the medical bills be like, how would Tomlin react to another pup in the house, would Tomlin think she was being replaced, how will we have the energy to take care of TWO puppies?!   Fortunately, as was the case before, none of my anxieties have been justified.

Rooney is very easy going; he simply goes with the flow.  Tomlin is having a little bit of an issue sharing her toys, but we are working through it and they are getting along very well.  Our nights are very long with a new fur baby in the house but everyone is still alive lol.  I’ve noticed some differences already between the two pups.  Tomlin was not a chewer; she chews her toys, but has never tried anything else.  Rooney, on the other hand, chews everything. His favorite thing to chew on are electrical cords.  Don’t worry, we are watching him like a hawk!
Tomlin meeting RooneyDSC_0046Checking out her new brother.  Tomlin is not a big dog at all, but standing next to 4.5lb Rooney makes her look like a giant lolDSC_0051
I worked from home yesterday to help Rooney and Tomlin adjust a little bit more, but classes resume today.  I’m wondering how long I can keep up with my lectures, grading, and  research while being sleep deprived. hmmmmm lol Hopefully for at least a month or so until we get a system going around here.  Rooney will be going to work with me for the next few weeks too, so I think that will help.  But anyways, for now, this is what our house looks like:
running through paper towels like crazy
lots of teamwork and shift work
chasing puppies to make sure everyone is getting along
the camera flash is going crazy
napping when Rooney naps
running through food faster
toys sprawled all over the floor
two of everything: bowls, toys, blankets, beds, etc.
It’s a crazy time, but a fun time too.  Lots of laughing and smiles. 
“No one better disrupt my brother’s nap!”DSC_0120DSC_0085Rooney likes to eat with part of his body in the bowl lolDSC_0062Tomin is teaching Rooney already.  Lesson one: begging!DSC_0116

Tomlin, guarding her brother
xoxo Darby


Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

Adorable- I need more puppy in my life :)

Kellyn Fleming said...

I love it all!!!! Rooney is absolutely adorable and Tomlin seems like the best big sister ever! Have you noticed any changes in Tomlin? Like does she seem to be more grown up, does she have more of a nurturing aspect to her now? Or is she still just all puppy and happy to have a playmate? So happy for the Hawleys!!! More pictures soon please! :)

Becca Christensen said...

Ohmygosh - precious. I'm glad someone else is obsessed with football like me. : ]

Heather said...

Awww, I love furbabies! And I absolutely love that you rescued him.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awwww I love them together....they seem to have hit it off...congrats!

Joy said...

Just remember that this is your training for a two legged baby... and things will get back to "normal" in a few weeks. The only thing that will continue is all the babying you will do to both cuties!!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

ADORABLE! Congratulations! Puppy's seriously make me sooo happy.

sherri lynn said...

Rooney is SO cute - 4.5 pounds wow that is small! :) I'm glad Tomlin has a little brother to play with! You guys have your hands full with your two babies now!

Lindsey said...

Both of your pups are just precious!! They remind me of my Vegas :-) Makes me want to get another!!

Unknown said...

He is SO cute! It makes me want a second pup. I hope you have plenty of sturdy chew toys laying around.

Sarah said...

I have to say it again--he is TOO cute! Im glad they are getting along! I love that his foot is in his bowl...too cute!

Laura Beth said...

Oh my goodness, he's sooo cute! And what a great dog name :o)

Unknown said...

OMG - I am in LOOOOOVE! I saw the two puppies thing and realized I was WAAAYYY behind blog reading and couldn't wait to skip to this post! So cute and adorable and an awesome name! I love it and I'm so glad the pups seem to love each other (and now you can get collar bow ties too)! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

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