Friday, September 22, 2017

Sprinkle Your Bestie (& Baby!)

Sprinkle for Your Bestie- Life with the Hawleys 3Have you heard of a sprinkle? When a woman is having her first baby she is thrown a big baby shower.  But when she has subsequent children her friends may throw her a smaller, maybe more intimate "sprinkle". And when your bestie is having a baby you do everything you can to make her feel special & celebrated.  Sprinkle for Your Bestie- Life with the Hawleys 5
Sprinkle for Your Bestie- Life with the Hawleys 4My bestie is due any day now (my phone is glued to my body folks!), and I took her out for coffee and cake as a little sprinkle a few weeks ago.  People always assume that when mama is having a 2nd or 3rd child that she has everything.  And honestly she really might have all that she needs (diapers & a swaddle), but there are some things that you can add to her collection to help her & also help her feel celebrated at the same time.  These are my favorites and what I highly recommend giving to your much so that I gave this all to my bestie!
Sprinkle for Your Bestie- Life with the Hawleys 21. Kashi Cookies- These are awesome for increasing lactation!
2. Plush animal.....because every kid needs one!
3. Natural Pacifier- a pacifier with all natural fibers that is also designed to be exactly like the breast to decrease nipple confusion.
4. Cozy Cover- I was gifted this as a hand-me-down and it is awesome, especially for babies born in the winter.  Not only does it keep strangers away from the baby carrier but it also is lined with fleece so it is excellent at keeping baby warm.  It has a nice elastic edge so that it will fit onto any baby carrier.
5. Robe- Every mama deserves a nice fresh robe for those initial postpartum days when life is difficult and all you want to do is wear jammies but sometimes you need something to feel like a real person.
6. Nursing gown- Again in those early days you need easy access so a nursing gown is so helpful!
7. Solly wrap- This is hands down my favorite baby wrap/carrier (and I have 8 so this is very telling!).  This is the most natural wrap I've ever experienced.  Baby can be held so close & secure in the most natural way but the fabric is so thin so you wont get hot and stretchy so that you can get the most secure wrap.  I used this, and still do, with Ellis.
8. Nursing pads.....obviously, right?
9. Clothes- Even if this is baby number 20, it's nice to have a few new pieces of clothing for them.  Personally I love Burt's Bees organic line so I always purchase that for my own kids and others.
10. Wooden Teether/pacifier clip-  We all know I love everything wooden for babies and this was perfect because it also matched his nursery, so I had to get it for him.
11. Natural Nipple Cream.....I think this is another obvious one.
12. Natural Bottom Spray....well if you've had a baby before you know that this is also a very necessary product
13. Mother's Milk Tea- This is just awesome to have in the hospital bag so as soon as baby is born mama can start working on her production.
14. Little Unicorn- When I was pregnant with my first everyone was all about Aden & Anis swaddles.  Even I thought they were great, until I discovered these organic muslin blankets.  These are awesome.  Not only are they organic but they are bigger, which is better for swaddling and covering the baby carrier.  Not to mention they are perfect for baby pictures. Ellis' Fresh 48 Pictures were done with one of these.
15. Sippy cup- After older brothers/sisters terrorize the sippy cups, they will most definitely need new ones lol
16. Books- A few new special books that this new little one can call their own.  I love this edition of this organic collection.

So here ya go, this is what I gave my bestie who is due any day now.  I would highly recommend all of these tried-and-true products to your bestie too!
xoxo Darby
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