Monday, September 18, 2017

Five FREE Counting Activities

I'm taking a little shift today, but just a little one hehe  I know lately I've been sharing a lot of our alphabet activities.  Today I want to share FIVE FREE activities that we used the in the spring to practice our numbers.  My kiddos enjoyed them and I bet yours will too!Five Free Number Activities- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
First up, and proof that we actually did these activities in the spring noted from the length of Dutch's hair (Ha!), is this Dump Truck Counting.  What you do first is download this dump truck mat & number cards and then laminate it (I promise you're going to want to reuse this).  You place the number card on the truck and your child gets to "fill" the dump truck.  I used blocks (this kind and this kind) as well as snacks as "filler".  Your little student will have a lot of fun counting with this dump truck.Dump Truck Counting- Life with the HawleysDSC_0536
The next one I want to share with you makes me laugh a little.  My kids have NO idea what a gumball machine is in real life lol  But I do!  So this is exactly like the dump truck idea above, but with a gumball machine.  You download this gumball mat & numbers (and laminate of course!) and let your child fill the gumball machine with gumballs (I use these discs) according to the number card they draw.DSC_0546
Dutch loves the Pittsburgh Penguins so I try to bring penguins into our home classroom as much as possible.  These penguin snowflake cards you can print off (and laminate) and get so creative with.  The student counts the snowflakes and then covers the correct number.  For covers I've used these bears, transparent discs, & these glittery pom poms.  You could also use whatever you have for snack time.DSC_0547
These counting stripes are the most basic, but in being the most basic leaves you with a lot of room for creativity.  Download the counting stripes, laminate, & start counting.  You could easily just count the dots, or you could cover them with snack, coins, transparent discs, counting bears, or pom poms.DSC_0550
These bumblebee cards I could NOT resist!  Being a former yellow jacket, and loving all things black and yellow (Go Steelers!), I just had to have these.  Go ahead and download these Bumble Bee Counting Cards & laminate.  Your child counts the items and puts a clothes pin over the correct number.  If you don't have clothes pins you could use snack, or anything that I've linked above.DSC_0553
So there you have it, five FREE and fun number activities to keep your preschooler engaged & excited about learning!  Mamas, please share some of your fun activities that you use with your preschooler :-)
xoxo Darby

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