Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's A New Year, and We Challenge You....

Every New Years we challenge ourselves with resolutions. 
We spend January in the gym.
We attempt to save more money.
We try to stay more organize.
We try to quit our vices.

You know what all of this has in common?
It's all about ourselves :-(

This year, I challenge you with your words, with how you speak to others.
Kid President is teaming up with me (though he doesn't really know it, but just go with it.  Ha!), again to challenge you in the new year with 20 things to add to your vocabulary and increase the frequency of usage.
Take it away Kid President!
Happy New Year friends!

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xoxo Darby

Monday, December 29, 2014

Seven Years

As of today the Mr & I have been married for 7 years.
In all honesty, I can't tell if that is a long time or a short time.
In some ways it doesn't seem like it is possible for that much time to have past; 
we just got married yesterday! (Wedding recap)
On the other hand, I can't remember what life was like before him, nor do I want to.
Either way, I can say I am waaaaaaay more in love with him today than I was yesterday, & certainly more than I was 7 years ago. 
Happy anniversary my sweet husband; I look forward to our lifetime together. Thank you for making each chapter of our lives better than the last. God smiled down on me when He crossed my path with yours! Love you!
xoxo Darby

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Decade is Over

Vintage and Aged to PerfectionWell, on Saturday I finished a decade. So long twenties, and hello thirties!
I’m not upset about aging.  Birthdays have never upset me; in fact, I rather enjoy them.  Aging is a natural process, and the alternative would be horrific. 

However, birthdays do have a tendency of reminding me to look backwards.  When I think back on the last decade I can only come up with two words that describe it:

busy & expensive

The last 10 years have had some very high highs and very low lows, but overall I had the best time.  I would not do anything different.  I wouldn’t change a single thing.

What I did over the last 10 years:
I got my bachelors, my masters, & my doctorate.
I got married to the love of my life.
I traveled to Canada, Brazil, St. Thomas, Mexico, & the Bahamas.
I worked as: an appliance sales woman, a shampoo technician, a nanny, an event planner, a food critic for our college newspaper, a retailer at Pier 1, a patient care attending in an Operating Room, a researcher investigating pharmaceuticals at the Medical College of Virginia, a researcher investigation rehabilitation methods for pediatric neuronal oncology at Texas Children’s Hospital, a teaching fellow, and now a professor.
I moved 7 times.
I moved to Houston and got a Texas driver's license! WHAAAAATTT????
Bought a house (and all the furniture to fill it).
I purchased 3 cars.
I struggled with infertility
I became a mom of two, one sweet little boy on earth and one at home with Jesus.
I became a fur mama to Tomlin and Rooney.
I birthed this here blog ;-) and made some amazing friends!

See a lot happened in 10 years, and these are just the things I can remember (recall that I’m aging and the memory is going haha).  I’m looking forward to what the next decade holds for me and my family.

xoxo Darby

Friday, December 19, 2014

I’ll Be Home For Christmas: Christmas Decorations Home Tour

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, our home for the holidays:DSC_0025DSC_0142DSC_0192DSC_0143DSC_0164DSC_0148DSC_0153DSC_0149DSC_0151DSC_0156DSC_0146DSC_0187DSC_0158DSC_0160DSC_0191DSC_0147DSC_0166DSC_0169DSC_0170DSC_0171DSC_0175DSC_0176DSC_0181DSC_0183DSC_0177DSC_0178DSC_0193DSC_0194DSC_0197DSC_0198DSC_0201DSC_0202DSC_0219DSC_0223DSC_0216DSC_0232DSC_0225DSC_0264DSC_0206DSC_0268DSC_0283
Merry Christmas!
xoxo Darby
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