Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's A New Year, and We Challenge You....

Every New Years we challenge ourselves with resolutions. 
We spend January in the gym.
We attempt to save more money.
We try to stay more organize.
We try to quit our vices.

You know what all of this has in common?
It's all about ourselves :-(

This year, I challenge you with your words, with how you speak to others.
Kid President is teaming up with me (though he doesn't really know it, but just go with it.  Ha!), again to challenge you in the new year with 20 things to add to your vocabulary and increase the frequency of usage.
Take it away Kid President!
Happy New Year friends!

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xoxo Darby

1 comment :

Nadine said...

I love kid president!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Years!!!! Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2015!!!

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