Friday, April 28, 2017

Honestly Hawley {March 2017}

March was only a month ago, and yet I don't remember it.  It was a blur ago.  Does anyone else speak like that? Do you describe time in blurs? That's how March was for me.  It feels like yesterday, and yet also a decade ago at the same time.  Good thing I took a bazillion pictures so that I can recall what happened, otherwise it would all be lost in the blur.
Here are the honest, unedited, unscripted
scenes of our March life :-)
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2017: January ~ February
Honestly HawleyDSC_0005DSC_0344DSC_0008DSC_0022DSC_0065DSC_0105DSC_0037DSC_0215DSC_0157DSC_0182DSC_0186DSC_0202DSC_0208DSC_0374DSC_0113DSC_0217DSC_0226DSC_0249DSC_0263DSC_0286DSC_0295DSC_0307DSC_0322DSC_0327DSC_0329DSC_0403DSC_0421DSC_0432DSC_0444DSC_0458DSC_0904DSC_0447DSC_0499DSC_0506DSC_0539DSC_0615DSC_0547DSC_0609DSC_0637DSC_0642DSC_0751DSC_0652DSC_0683DSC_0722DSC_0734DSC_0706DSC_0767DSC_0785DSC_0823DSC_0884DSC_0835DSC_0854DSC_0869DSC_0878DSC_0900Weather Unit Collage

xoxo Darby
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