Monday, April 3, 2017

Easter Egg Color Puzzles {FREE}

Despite the fact that Easter is later this year, I didn't realize that it was only 2 weeks away.  WHAT?! I thought that I would share this puzzle with you later in April.....but that clearly wont work.  We've been in full-on spring mode during our school days since mid-February.  I want to share a few activities we've been using lately, and here is the first one.  I made these FREE little puzzles for Dutch and he has been having so much fun with them, and your little one will too.Easter Egg Color Puzzles- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
All you need: pick up some paint chips (FREE!!), a marker, scissors, and a laminator (completely optional).  I drew an egg on several paint chips, and then made them into puzzles with unique shapes at the dividing line between shades of colors.  I cut them out and then laminated them.  Such an easy DIY puzzle.  This is great for color recognition, matching, and critical thinking.....and of course a great opportunity to talk about Easter :-) I've mentioned that I'm a big advocate for the Montessori Approach, and this activity meets one of those objectives for self-correction.  A child/student can easily see which puzzle pieces match and what doesn't, therefore enhancing independent learning.
This is so easy right?
What are you doing with your kiddos for Easter?
xoxo Darby

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