Monday, March 10, 2014

5 MORE New Facts {Part 2}

It's been a while since I shared some stuff about my weirdo self so I thought I would start this week by sharing some "fun facts" about me.  For a recap, you can find the first edition of this list here.Five Facts
  1. When to Work- This is going to sound so super-uber weird, but I love to work on Mondays, Fridays, and holidays.  I know this makes me sound like a work-a-holic but it really isn't the reason (I promise!); I have different reasons why I like these days for working.  I love working on Mondays because I feel like every Monday is a new fresh clean slate; a chance to start all over, and that really excites me.  I look at Mondays like January 1st.  As for working on Fridays, why I like working these days might be occupational specific.  As a professor, most students are checked out and meetings are over by Friday.  This means that I have an entire uninterrupted day to tie up lose ends from the week; but more importantly, I use Fridays to prep for the next week.  The more I get done on Fridays the less I have to work over the weekend; this has me really motivated to cross things off my teachers to-do list on Fridays.  And lastly, why on earth would I like to come into the office during holidays?!  I don't know how I established this perspective, but I like working during the holidays because I feel like while everyone else in the world is celebrating, I'm "getting ahead".  Now really I know I'm just "catching-up" but, ehhh who cares, in my mind I'm lapping everyone else lol
  2. Washing Dishes- For the most part I load dirty dishes into our trusty dishwasher; however, there are some dishes that I love to wash by hand.  I'm not talking about dishes that are supposed to be washed by hand, I'm talking about dishes that are dishwasher safe that I chose to wash by hand instead.  I have no idea why I do this!  The only reason I can come up with is the therapeutic motion of doing the dishes and getting the instant gratification of seeing the cleaned dish.  However, that really only explains why I like doing dishes by hand, but nothing about why certain dishes are my favorites to hand wash.  Dishes I like to wash by hand include: my kitchen aid mixer bowl, my round pyrex bowls, my glass and ceramic measuring cups, all pitchers, coffee mugs, and juice glasses.  Weird, I'm so weird!
  3. The Dishes Can Wait- I hate washing dishes or even loading the dishwasher when company is over.  Now I like to clean as I go while I'm cooking so that helps, but when people are over or when the Mr. and I have a lot going on and we just need time to connect (or space out watching the Big Bang Theory), the dishes can always wait.  They aren't going anywhere. No one will die over the dishes staying in the sink or on the counter over night.  My husband and company rank higher on my list than a clean kitchen.
  4. Using a Fork- I don't like greasy fingers.  Even if I wipe my hands on a napkin, I swear that I can still feel the grease on my fingers.  Therefore, I eat french fries, wings, pizza, Chick-fil-a nuggets. and so on and so on, with a fork.
  5.   Toilet Paper Etiquette- Toilet paper is supposed to hang from the dispenser a certain way.  It should be easy to find the end and pull in a downward motion to tear your piece off.  If you have to reach up under the roll to find the end of the TP then, in my mind, it is on the dispenser wrong.  If someone puts on the TP the “wrong” way, it doesn’t make me mad or anything, but you better believe I will “fix” it.
Goodness after looking over this list it makes me feel like I’ve got some OCD tendencies.  Well at least as far as housework is concerned.   
So now you know a little bit more about me….random facts, but still all me lol
Tell me something new & random that I don’t know about you!
Happy “New Years”!!!

xoxo Darby
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