Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Second Trimester Must-Haves

Once I completed my first trimester, I jotted down all of the things that made it easier for me and I shared them with you (see here).  Since the second trimester is now behind me (sheesh where is this pregnancy going?!?!), I thought I would do the same thing for my second trimester.SecondTrimester Must-Haves
1- Water, duh!- I think everyone probably knows that pregnant women are supposed to drink a lot of water; this is not ground breaking at all, and I’m no genius :-p However, I will say that to help me drink water I found ways to make it entertaining for my taste buds (really they’re called taste receptor cells, but that is just the neuroscientist in me).  I added slices of lemon, orange, lime, or cucumber to keep my water refreshing and entertaining.  I just made a pitcher and put it in the fridge and kept refilling my glass or water bottle when it ran out.

2- Books- These three books were highly recommended to me and I have been devouring them.  Baby Bargains (10th edition) is a great book for helping to educate women on what to purchase for baby (and how to save money getting what you need/want), but also are very informative as to what life with baby will be like and what you will need/want to make life more comfortable.  This book shares and reviews the pros and cons of every single baby product and brand from strollers to nipple creams.  This is a must-have for new moms!  Expecting 411 & Baby 411 are also necessary for new mamas!  They are not organized by trimester like most maternity books; the pro I see in this is a lot of times you may have done something differently had you had time to think about it or know what was coming.  Instead these books are organized topically (i.e. nursing, childcare, vaccines, diet, prenatal tests, labor, postpartum, etc.) and you can flip through what you need at the time.  Also these books are written by doctors who are also moms, and while their information is based on research and facts, they also provide practical applications.  There is also a Toddler 411 book that I have yet to purchase, but I can promise you that I will.

3- Protein Bars- I have had to start keeping protein bars in my purse.  I never know when a hunger pain is going to begin and if I don’t get some food stat someone will hear me roar.  So to keep everyone safe, I keep proteins bars in my purse and in my desk at work.

4- Prenatal Vitamins- Well this is just a fact, you gotta take these bad boys, especially if you want to prevent neural tube defects (i.e. spina bifida & anencephaly).  I have been taking these vitamins for a few years now (since we decided to start trying to grow our family), once a day at dinner, and I’ve never once had a problem.  They meet all of the suggested levels of each element, are over-the-counter, and extremely affordable (I purchase them in bulk from Costco).

5- Be Maternity Seamless Ruched Tank- These seamless ruched tanks are ah-maz-ing!  The seamless tanks offer a lot of support for my growing belly, but also help to smooth my new lumps and bumps underneath other clothes.  I particularly like to wear these with cardigans and a belt.  The material is light and breathable, yet firm and supportive.  Right now I have two of these (black & gray) and I rotate them.  They are comfortable and very supportive. 

6- Apps- Ya know, there is an app for everything these days.  The Bump and Baby Center apps have been my go-tos.  I like The Bump app because it has a nice checklist, videos, and tips for every day.  It also sends me an update once a week on what the baby is doing developmentally.  I like the Baby Center app because, quite frankly, it tells me what day of gestation I am, and this helps me keep up with my prayer devotional hehe.  But I also like that each day there is a different little paragraph for the mama and what she may be going through physically, emotionally, relationally, professionally, etc.  So The Bump app is really more-so about the baby, while the Baby Center app is more about the mama.

7- Baby Blogs- Yep, we all know I’m a blogger and I do a lot of reading on blogs.  The Wise Baby is my favorite blog for comparing baby products and their safety features and practicality.  I read this blog at least 3 times a week for what mom’s really use and what works best under various circumstances.

8- Bella Wrap Around Maternity Top- This maternity top was recommended to me from a friend (thank you Ashley!) and it was a great purchase!  This shirt is not only comfortable and makes me feel confident with my new body but it is also a great investment.  This shirt is not only great as a maternity shirt but will function fabulously for nursing.  I also love that this shirt is a light material so that I could wear this year-round in the Houston heat.  The price for this shirt was awesome, and they offered FREE shipping!!!! 

9- Tums Smoothies- I’m sure that you’ve heard preggos have heart burn before; and if you haven’t, they do.  This is a result of the uterus pushing up on the stomach’s upper sphincter allowing it to remain open.  Therefore, the acid in the stomach is continually moving north resulting in heartburn.  I mentioned before that I was scared to try Tums before, but I am hear to say that I quickly got over that and am now a huge fan of Tums.  I particularly love the Smoothies in the Berry Fushion flavor.

10- Maternity Leggings- I live in these when I get home from work and on the weekends.  These with a longer sweater or shirt help me to be comfortable.

11- Nursing Bras- My chest increased a size already and I was falling out of my tops so I purchased nursing bras based on a lot of suggestions from friends.  I skipped maternity bras because I felt like it would be a more financially savvy decision to just buy nursing bras for later.  I started with the Gilligan & O'Malley bra and really liked it.  When my rib cage started expanding and I had a lot of pressure, I found that the underwire was starting to rub me and make me more uncomfortable.  While I still love the Gilligan & O'Malley bra, for now I have switched to a non-underwire nursing bra.

12- Bert’s Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter- You know, I’m on the genetics side; I really think the largest contributor to stretch marks are our genes for various reasons.  However, I’m an eternal optimist and it has been my hope to do whatever I can to keep my skin hydrated, and if it minimizes stretch marks then so be it.  I like Bert’s Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter because it’s extremely hydrating and safe to use during pregnancy.

13- Pillows- Maternity pillows are great for helping expectant mothers sleep, but they can be very expensive.  You really don’t need a maternity pillow as long as you have extra pillows handy.  I’m now a 4 pillow girl, and just so you know, I used to be a maybe 1 pillow kind of gal. I never really had to have one it was just a luxury.  Now I have to have one to hug, one for under my belly, one for between my knees and one for my neck just so my body isn’t killing in the morning

14- Journal- With everything going on at work, the house, and the new baby, I didn’t want to forget a single thing.  I don’t have a great memory to start off with so I have been journaling everything about this baby.  I wanted to be able to refer back to the details of this time in our lives without the fear of forgetting something.  So I’ve written everything down, every symptom, doctors appointment, heart rate, dream, fear, anxiety, prayer, and wish for this new member of our family.

15- Sticky Notes- If you know me, then you know that I have a list and a post-it for everything.  I am depending on these more & more because I am starting to forget more & more and my list just keep getting longer.  If it weren’t for post-it notes I’m pretty sure I would be lost somewhere right now.

I hope these tips help you if you're working your way through your second trimester.  Now for those of you who have completed your third trimester, what recommendations do you have for me?
Happy Wednesday friends!
xoxo Darby


Jessica K said...

The sticky notes! Haha Sadly, the forgetfulness only gets worse! Buy stock in Post-It! Looking great lady! See you soon!

Brooke @ Pieces of the Reese Life said...

Oh my definitely needing to pick up some of these! Only 7 weeks left of the second trimester

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