Monday, November 21, 2016

Honestly Hawley {October}

I didn’t realize October was so busy until I started looking through the pictures to write this post.  I guess I didn’t realize it in the moment, but I’m honestly impressed that so much was accomplished last month.  It was definitely a fun month and I can tell that Ellis is just zooming along in her growth.  She is developing such a fun personality as you’ll be able to see in a lot of these pictures.  I anticipated a fun and fast fall and that is exactly what we got.  This month was Halloween, a trip to the beach, lots of arts & crafts, hosting National Night Out, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and so many more fun things.  It has brought me so much joy to embrace this season with my babies. Looking through these pictures again, reviewing the month, makes me feel like this has been my favorite month so far, but I probably thought the same thing last month and the month before that.  Anyone else think that way? If looking through these pictures gives me the warm & fuzzies now, I can only imagine how much they will make me tear up in 5 years.  I’ll probably need a beach towel for my tears in 10 years, and in 20 years…..I’ll be a lost cause hehe
So here are the honest, unedited, unscripted scenes of our October life :-)
Honestly HawleyDSC_0040DSC_0005DSC_0028DSC_0144DSC_0034DSC_0075DSC_0126DSC_0118DSC_0129DSC_0149DSC_0125DSC_0152DSC_0159DSC_0194DSC_0203DSC_0468DSC_0220DSC_0235DSC_0237DSC_0289DSC_0405DSC_0415DSC_0426DSC_0503DSC_0506DSC_0514DSC_0014DSC_0597DSC_0523DSC_0573DSC_0578DSC_0585DSC_0619DSC_0625DSC_0791DSC_0629DSC_0640DSC_0676DSC_0684DSC_0868DSC_0842DSC_0710DSC_0817DSC_0848DSC_0857DSC_0859DSC_0897DSC_0903DSC_0969DSC_0926DSC_0981DSC_1011edits-0004National Night Out
xoxo Darby

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