Friday, November 4, 2016

Hawley Peeps Monthly: Month Nine

Last month I felt a little pulling on my heart; some conviction.  I feel like I’m constantly complaining about the time, and while I do fight it struggle with time, I’m going to try to just embrace the fast-paced growth of these babies.  I want to redirect my focus to the joyful moments of each new chapter instead of constantly mourning the loss of the previous chapter.  It’s going to be hard so I’m not promising anything, except that I will try lol So here we are at another milestone.  Another month of growth and new things.  I’m pretty sure this is just going to back-fire one day, but for now, I just love comparing these two.  Obviously not in a “who is my favorite” way, but I just think that it is so neat to compare when each one decides to do a new “trick” for the first time.  The first for each new “trick” always blesses my mama heart.
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Month Nine- DutchMonth 9- DSC_0314
  • You had your first mum-mum (rice cracker thing)
  • Standing on his own all the time by 2/2/15
  • Standing in his crib when he is ready to get up after naps
  • Loves making "music" with the dog bowls
  • 1st bloody nose (2/7/15)
  • Started walking with a walker on 2/6/15
  • Clapping on command and when happy 2/5/15
  • Loves to help me buckle him into his bucket or high chair
  • Likes to hold hands in the car with mama
  • Enjoys feeding himself with a spoon
  • 1st valentines day
  • 2/15 1st sweet treat, daddy gave him a lick of his doughnut filling. Dutch was a big fan :-)
  • Likes to flip things, open doors, flip book pages, flip puzzle pieces
  • Bit mama while nursing for the first time 2/20
  • 3rd ear infection (maybe 2nd never healed fully), temperature got to 103.4, weighs 18 lbs 13 oz on 2/19
  • Can help dress himself in the morning
  • Sleeps on his knees with his booty in the air –> cutest thing ever!
  • Definitely a morning baby- so smiley and loves to talk and sing (just like his daddy!)
  • Diagnosed with a hemangioma on his back
  • Daddy gave him his first sip of carbonation with Perrier
  • Prefers to feed himself with a spoon than for me to do it
  • Second tooth is getting ready to come in (actually cut this tooth on 2/27/15)
  • Likes to hand me his wipes when he's being changed.  He’s a very good helper
  • Likes to "feed" me with his spoon
  • 1st pickle- McClures from Brooklyn...his facial response was priceless
  • Likes to shut the microwave door
Month Nine- EllisDSC_0637-2
  • You will follow me around the house now with your army crawl.  You don't like to separated from mama so you follow me with your crawl
  • I had a feeling that you weren't feeling well.  Initially I just thought it was teething, but it became something more.  You were biting me (for the first time) and uncomfortable; something was off.  You were diagnosed with Thrush on your tonsils (and it spread to me).  At your doctors appointment you were 17 lbs.  It seems like, unlike your brother but much like your mother, you do not like taking medicine.
  • You have the sweetest voice as you "talk" to mama
  • We might have to move you to a crib or pack and play soon for naps because you're starting to get a little more adventurous with your crawling and I don't want you to fall off the bed.
  • You are starting to sit up on your own now and I think you love that you can sit and see things that are going on around you.  You can't quite put yourself in a sitting position and you definitely can't start crawling from that position, so you're a little stuck in one place but you like sitting up and looking around.
  • On 9/28/16 you took your first nap in the pack-n-play (in our room).  First time not sleeping in mama & daddy's bed.  The nap lasted about 45 seconds (haha).  We tried again later in the afternoon and it took you about 10 minutes to fall asleep but you slept for 2 hours. From then on you’ve done great for naps there.  You still sleep at night tucked in with mama.
  • Ellis is standing really well for long periods of time, but not cruising yet
  • Daddy put together the exersaucer and you love it!
  • On 10/2/16 you surprised us by pulling up on a box of oatmeal.  You stood for several minutes on your feet.  I am not ready for this lol
  • You are really entertained by the trash can in the bathroom.  I can’t keep you away from it.  When you want something you are very persistent.
  • You’re still a big snuggler and love to be touched.  I think it might be your love language.  You like to be with mama at all times.
  • As a result of your Thrush at the beginning of the month you developed your first yeast infection.  I apologize sweet girl that it took me a while to know what was going on.  But once we figured it out we got it taken care of quickly. Thank goodness!
  • You’re starting to rocking on your hands and knees
  • You’re getting into cabinets in the kitchen.  You love playing with the tupperware and chip clips.
  • Ellis has started clapping on command.
  • Slowly but surely you’re starting to reach for daddy to hold you
  • You went to your first Homecoming tailgate at HBU.  You were passed around and everyone snuggled with you, so of course you were a big fan.
Nine Month Old Collage
xoxo Darby

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Nadine said...

Nine months? My goodness!!! I love how both their legs are sort of similar in these pictures. I agree that you should focus on all the fun memories to come instead of being sad that the time has passed. That is what I am going to struggle with as well I just know it!

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