Friday, July 1, 2016

Hawley Peeps Monthly: Month 5

Yeah, I got nothing.  I can’t explain the time that is flying by.  I can’t wish it away.  I just have to surrender and except that my babies are just growing up way too fast.
Month 5- DutchMonth 5- DSC_0376
  • He tends to have a strong preference for his left side- sleeping, playing, and thumb
  • Dutch still loves his stuffed frog but now he also loves elephants and Gonzo
  • At his 4 month doctors appt on 10/614 he received 2 vaccines and 1 oral.  He did really well with the vaccines and, weighed 13 lbs and 12.5 oz. (14th percentile), 25 in (63rd percentile).
  • He has his second cold :-(
  • Went to the pumpkin patch for the first time
  • Aunt Kellyn visited and they did an art project together
  • Attended his first homecoming tailgate at mama’s school
  • Went on a trip to bear creek park
  • You were dedicated to the church on 10/19/14
  • You loves mama's hair .  You like to run your fingers through it and to hold on to it but you’re  not pulling (yet)
  • You love to have books read to you
  • You love music and singing
  • He giggles a lot
  • likes sitting on daddy's head
  • We can tell that you’re a big fan of football already. Go Steelers!
  • You make kissy sounds with your mouth
  • You had your 1st Halloween.  You went to a halloween party at the Barnes as a ninja turtle and you went as Superman to a fall carnival at school.
  • You still really like to be outside.
  • His teacher calls him Elton John when he plays the piano because he is so wild when he plays lol
Month 5- EllisDSC_0076-2
  • You only seem interested in rolling to the left
  • At 17 weeks you found your feet.  You reach and grunt for them and when you can't get to them you cry. 
  • The hair at the crown of your head is starting to grow, but not on the sides.  It’s really cute.
  • I thought that you cut your first two teeth and both are molars on your left side (on 5/22/16), one on bottom and one on top.  But it turned out just to be pearls.  I have never even heard of these before.  See you’re teaching me so much already little one.
  • Ellis at 17 weeks is grabbing her zebra and pulling it closer.  She really likes it, and is more deliberate with hand movements
  • She’s flipping over from back to belly really well
  • She got to go to her first birthday party for Dutch.  His 2nd birthday party.
  • At your doctors appointment you are 19 weeks old,  you are 14 lbs (51st percentile), 25 in long (86th percentile), and 16 in head circumference (38th percentile).  You had 2 vaccines and 1 oral.  The first vaccine was okay but you didn’t like the second one.  It took maybe 5 minutes, but you recovered fine.  That evening you had a small rash at the injection site but other than that you’re fine.
  • You really don't like loud noises.  If there is a loud shreak or boom you dont like it.
  • At about 17 weeks you decided that you just weren't interested in your pacifier anymore.
  • You were dedicated on 5/22/16 and it went great.  We shared your verse and what your name means.  We picked your name because we liked it; no other reason.  But come to find out that your name means beautiful lamb (we found this out before your dedication after we'd selected your name).  Something interesting is that every gift you've gotten since before you were born was a lamb (e.g. lamb rattle, lamb blankets, etc.) so cool because God knew your name before we knew it :-)
  • At 20 weeks old, lots of cooing and talking back and forth with us
  • Around weeks 19-20 you had a growth spurt with some trouble sleeping, and were up every hour to eat at night
  • You really like to look at floral prints, especially on mama’s bath robe
  • On 6/16/16 Dutch made Ellis giggle so hard at the dinner table by making funny faces at her
  • You are still in size 2 diapers when in disposables.
  • Your clothes are mostly 3-6 months
  • You are still exclusively breast fed
  • You might be starting to take some interest in food and watch us eat with curiosity
Five Month Old Collage
xoxo Darby

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