Friday, July 8, 2016

Another NEW Fourth of July

It seems like every year for the past 3 years we’ve had something different about the Fourth of July, and this year was no different.  This was our first Fourth of July with our sweet Ellis, and celebrating with her was spectacular.  While our family seems to look different every year, one thing remains the same: I am so genuinely grateful not just for this country and those that serve it, but to God for His provisions for our family.  I’m undeserving and indebted to Him, and days like these just remind me of how many blessings I have.  I hope I never lose those feelings.

2014-2016 in the same spot at the neighborhood Fourth of July parade.  We've gone from having a newborn, to having a toddler, to have a toddler and a newborn.  Well I guess Ellis was technically with us last year, she was just in my tummy.  I think I much rather have her in my arms.  I'm certainly not wishing time away, but I look forward to seeing what our family looks like next year.2014-2016
I don’t know about you, but the anticipation of a holiday is almost just as exciting as the actual day.  In the lead-up to the Fourth, we were decked out in our red, white, & blue.  I love dressing these babies of mine.  I LOVE it.  I can only imagine what fun we will have at Christmas time (and yes, I’ve already started shopping for it ahhhhh!).  My sister and I joke all the time that the best part of kids getting dirty is changing their clothes into something else cute before they outgrow it.DSC_0007DSC_0030DSC_0258DSC_0244DSC_0251DSC_0261DSC_0285DSC_0273DSC_0139DSC_0385DSC_0392DSC_0412DSC_0439DSC_0447DSC_0506DSC_0542DSC_0195DSC_0228DSC_0041
See I have a tendency to go a bit overboard.
I can’t even apologize because I’m not sorry and I will probably continue to do this every holiday for the rest of their lives ;-)Fourth of July his and hers
This year, again, we went to our local neighborhood festival.  We saw the parade, visited the petting zoo, explored the bouncy houses, ate watermelon & snow cones, had hot dogs and a picnic lunch.  After naps we played in the pool in the backyard.  DSC_0072DSC_0086DSC_0069DSC_0107DSC_0118DSC_0239
The Mr. and I decided that the Fourth of July is "Thanksgiving of the Summer".  To go with our burgers and jumbo sweet teas, we had squash and zucchini (with bacon, duh!), succotash, deviled eggs, and vinegar cucumbers.  That night we watched the fire works on TV after the babies were in bed (which is my favorite place to watch fireworks in Texas.  A/C for the win!).  That night the babies and the pups slept through the neighborhood fireworks, and all was quiet in our house.  DinnerDSC_0357
I hope that you had an awesome long weekend with your family & friends. 
I hope that you had lots of good food.
I hope that you got to watch fireworks.
I hope that you were reminded of how grateful we are to live in this great country.
I hope that your blessings were bright.
xoxo Darby


Whitney H said...

Your family is so beautiful! and that spread looks fantastic... it's making me hungry!!

Kellyn Fleming said...

This was a fun post! I love all the outfits and fun you all had. I'm missing getting to change them! These pictures are so sweet, especially the ones with the two of them together. Also, Dutch is beginning to look so tall, especially standing next to his pal. When did that happen!?

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