Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Ducks & The Jumpie-Jump

When Aunt Nana was here in May we had several morning outings and activities.  We went to the fire station one morning and made beignets another.  Before it got too warm we ventured out to the park to check out the gardens and feed the ducks.  We've been to this park many times, but we always forget the bread for the ducks, so I made sure to pack it this time.  I loved feeding the ducks as a kid so I knew that Dutch would have a ball.  The gardens were so beautiful & in full bloom that day.  The gardeners were working while we walked through and they gave us pods of seeds to take home and try out.  I wonder if I can keep mine as pretty as theirs?  Dutch liked feeding the ducks, but I'm pretty sure that his favorite part was throwing rocks into the water.  If he sees water anywhere, he is looking for some rocks to throw.  It was such a blessing to sit and watch Aunt Nana & Dutch enjoy each others company and deepen their relationship while having fun feeding the ducks.   
Another morning during Aunt Nana’s trip we went to Pump It Up.  It’s one of those places that is just a room filled with moon bounces for everyone to jump in.  I love it because it’s a cheap (and AIR CONDITIONED) summer activity.  Dutch loves it because he likes the “jumpie-jump”.  He frequently asks to go when I get him up in the morning and he shows me that he’s ready by jumping in his bed lol  I took several videos of Aunt Nana, her beau, & Dutch in the jumpie-jumps.  It was just another fun activity to watch.  Now that I’m looking through these pictures again, I smile because we joked that it looked like Aunt Nana & her beau worked at the jumpie-jump because they coincidentally dressed similar. Ha!DSC_0028DSC_0033DSC_0038DSC_0046DSC_0050DSC_0073
I think it’s safe to say that we all know I take way too many pictures.  It’s true. I know it.  But in precious times like this one week with Aunt Nana, I’m so glad that I have this problem habit and capture so many savored moments with family.
It's always really tough to say bye to family, but after such a fun week, it really stunk this time.  
Now we're holding onto the fun plans for our next visit.
xoxo Darby

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