Friday, April 22, 2016

Hawley Peeps Monthly: Month 3

I think I’m really starting to enjoy these posts!  Well time out, let me rephrase that.  I think I’m going to enjoy reading this one day in the future so that makes writing them more sentimental and special.
Month Three- DutchMonth 3- DSC_0194
  • At 9 weeks he found his hands, he was registered for school, and started giggling
  • Dutch’s facial expressions are more and more interactive
  • He is imitating me...especially sticking tongue out
  • He loooooovvves to go outside
  • Bathtime with daddy is a highlight in the day for Dutch
  • He is still wearing 0-3 clothes
  • Dutch slept through the night (10pm-5pm) on 8/22/14... it was a on time thing but very much appreciated
  • He went to work with mamma and sat through 4 meetings & training sessions perfectly as I prepped for school
  • His frog and elephant toys are his favorite
  • Dutch went to the church nursery at 11 weeks and mama balled her eyes out
  • You went to the library at 11 weeks
  • You watched your first Steelers game at 10 weeks
  • Dutch attended his first college class with mama
  • There have been several occasions where he slept from 9:30pm/10pm - 5:30am/6am so about 7.5 hr stretches 4 times or so
  • You love to snuggle and sleep with mama
  • Around 12 weeks he started slapping lips to make a kissing sound …it’s so cute!
  • At 12 weeks daddy watched Dutch all day by himself!
  • You are starting to bringing things to your mouth
Month Three- EllisDSC_0041-2
  • On 3/19/16 (8 weeks old) you slept your first long stretch at night 9:45pm-4am!! It was a one time thing, but mama says thank you baby girl!
  • You are cooing a lot and really trying to engage in communication babbling back and forth with us
  • You are still eating 100% breastmilk every 2-3 hours.
  • It seems so odd to us, but you very rarely spit up. so far only 4x.  I remember how much your brother would spit up, we would have to lay him flat for 20-30 minutes after every feeding so that he would keep his milk down.  When you’re done eating there is no need to keep you flat.
  • At 9 weeks daddy was in charged of both kids for the first time for 2 hours.  Everyone survived and was completely fine, except mama who just wanted to be with you all.
  • This month you had your first family road trip to the farm, first holiday (Easter), and first overnighter
  • Mama cannot stop kissing your cheeks; they are soooooo kissable!
  • Lots of cooing coming from you and we love it
  • You’ve got some thigh rolls and I just love them!!!! You can’t see them because they’re very high so only those who change your diaper can see them ….which is just mama and daddy but they are the cutest rolls ever!!!
  • It's so cute when I get in bed with you.  As soon as I lay down next to you, you immediately roll towards me (when I say roll, I mean you rotate your head, you are not rolling over full-body yet) and tuck your head right up under my chin on my chest; it's like clockwork and  predictable.  We spoon all night long.  I treasure these snuggles.
  • You have done a complete 180 when it comes to diaper changes.  You used to loath diaper changes….like scream bloody murder with each change and I would hate to change you, but now is completely different.  Now you just look at mama and giggle the entire time.  We both love diaper changes and we just smile at each other :-)
  • You only really scream or cry now when you're hungry.  Other than that you're a very happy and very smiley little girl.  I don't think I have ever seen a happier baby.
  • We have you scheduled to be dedicated at church next month
  • You've started to tolerate baths a lot more.  I still don't think you love them, but you don't cry during them.
  • You prefer to lay flat as opposed to reclined.  You don't tolerate the bouncer/swing/rock and play for very long.  You would much rather sleep flat on your back or on your stomach on mama's chest.  Clearly mama didn’t need to take the time to clean all of the baby gear for you.  You only want mama, and I’m more than okay with that.
  • At 9 weeks you wore your first cloth diaper.  It took you some time to get a little bigger so that they would fit.  We're so glad that they fit now and we can get back to not using disposables. 
  • If you do wear a disposable it is still a size 1
  • At 11 weeks you're really starting to push up on your legs.  Your legs are getting stronger and you like to be able to look around.  You like us to hold you up so that you can see everything.  We think you have FOMO (fear of missing out) hehe
  • The only think that you really really don't like is the nosefrida.  You like it afterwards, but during you scream really loud and hate it.  I think this month you have struggled with allergies because you’re stuffy in the mornings so I have to use the nosefrida every morning and I really dread it, because I know you hate it.
  • Mama can't stop taking your picture.  It seems like every outfit you wear is the cutest so I have to take a picture.  I seriously have no more self control.
  • You are trying so hard to sit up from your back to an upright position.
  • It looks like your eyes are getting darker, like they might be green or brown
  • Your hair is starting to get longer, you've got a little bit of a mohawk on your left side and it is adorable! 
  • You and mama snuggle every afternoon while big brother is sleeping.  It's our special time :-)
  • You got to meet granny this month
  • I’ve packed up all of your newborn clothes and you’re fitting into 0-3 month clothes perfectly.
Three Month Old Collage
xoxo Darby


Emily said...

Oh my goodness, they grow so quickly. Just as precious as the first. :)

Edye Nicole said...

What a cutie pie!! Love these updates <3

God bless,
Edye //

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