Friday, April 8, 2016

Lady Ellis Newborn & Family Photos

I feel so vain.  Like embarrassingly, can barely admit it, vain.

My sister calls Ellis, Lady Ellis and it has sort of stuck.

When Lady Ellis was 9 days old we had her newborn pictures taken.  If you’ve been around here for a while you know that LWTH is just smitten with Grace Hill Photography.  When I got the pictures back of Lady Ellis I scrolled through them over and over again.  I couldn’t stop looking staring at them! It only took me a month and a half to select our announcement pictures, have them printed, addressed and then sent…..So now that they are finally in the mail I can share these ah-maz-ing pictures with you.  Thank you so much Grace for these pictures.  There really are no words that accurately describe how grateful I am for these pictures, and your attention to detail (hey folks, check out the flowers that were used in these pictures, and then look back to our very first pregnancy announcement).  All of these amazingly beautiful pictures were done by the talented and sweet Grace Hill Photography!  Go check her out now!!!! She’s awesome!

Aren’t these pictures amazing?! Now can you see why it was so hard to pick pictures for our announcements?! I honestly cannot even believe that I’m just 9 days postpartum here!  Grace Hill Photography is seriously that good! Which pictures am I going to pick to have printed to be hung in our house.....Hopefully I will get those printed before Lady Ellis is one lol

You’ve got to check out more of Grace's work here. We just love her, and not just for these pictures.  Thank you Grace!
xoxo Darby


Edye Nicole said...

These photos are beautiful!! Grace did an amazing job!!

Edye //

Emily said...

Aw, precious! How did you pick just one?

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