Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hawley Peeps Monthly: Month One

Because clearly I am so on top of things (lies alllllll lies!!!!!! ughhhhhh so far from the truth), I am sharing both of my kiddos one month posts.  In reality, I’ve been keeping track of each month for Dutch so far, I just have the posts sitting in my drafts.  I figure since baby number 2 is about to lap me…’s time to finish these posts. So I’ve decided to post the first month of both Little Peep (Dutch) and Teeny Peep (Ellis) together.  Now I am completely aware that comparing your children is like the ultimate sin, so to be clear, this is not a comparison post of Baby #1 to Baby #2.  I am simply keeping track of each milestone in the first month of life for each of my kiddos.

Dutch & Ellis, this is your mother speaking, if you’re reading this years later, please know this is not a comparison or some form of torture that you two use to see who is “the favorite”.  If you’re looking for a favorite, I can assure you that you’re wrong already; there is no favorite!

 Month One- Dutch
Brand New- DSC_0250Month 1- DSC_0419
  • You were born on a Monday, 6/2/14
  • You like your hands by your face and you’ve got long nails
  • Wrinkles brow when thinking
  • Weight at birth was 7.11 lbs, next day was 7.7 lbs, and 7.2 lbs when left the hospital.  At 2 weeks you were up to 8.10 lbs
  • Not a fan of baths
  • Hates to have clothes or diaper changed
  • Loves to snuggle
  • first restaurant out when you were 5 days old was to Longhorn Steakhouse with the Nanny & Papa
  • Sleeps on mommy
  • Holding your head up by yourself before we left the hospital; incredibly impressive.
  • Loves playing with daddy
  • Met Nanny & Papa, Grammy, & Aunt Nana
  • Does great in public so far
  • First trip out with just Mama was to Target.  You were two weeks old and slept the entire time :-)
  • Has been to Babies R Us, both Houston airports, grocery shopping 4 times, lunch with his friends Thomas and Sawyer, Sam Moon, Tiny Boxwood
  • Loves walks around the neighborhood
  • Loves a car ride
  • Sleeps 1.5 to 2 hour intervals
  • Eats every 2-2.5 hours
  • 100 % breast fed
  • Starting to get indentations where rolls will be
  • Been to 2 dr appts for you and one for mommy
  • Disposable diapers for now until grows into cloth. In newborn size for 2 weeks and moved to size 1 at 3 weeks old
  • Visitors have slowed down help has left and no more meals.'s time we figure it out. Sad and scary and exciting all at the same time
  • At your 1 month appt: 22.5 inches long and 10 lbs 3.5oz, good eater, no shots because a day too early, bowed legs are normal. The results from test last time were normal. Not congested. Dr. said your neck muscles are impressive.  Projected to be 6’1 when you grow up.
  • I asked her about the gas and she asked me about chocolate. ..which I had a lot of last week so that's out of my diet now and she said it would take about a week to leave my milk
  • Loves the pacifier

Month One- Ellis
  • You were born 1/17/16 at 6:20pm on a Sunday.  You weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and were 21 inches long
  • Had to do several bilirubin tests but ended up passing before we left the hospital
  • On day 2 you dropped to 7 lbs 11 oz, and then to 7 lbs 4 oz. but totally normal.  Now we're working on getting weight back on you
  • You HATE to be cold or to have your diaper changed
  • You still have hiccups all the time like you did in my stomach…usually once in the morning and every afternoon around 4:30.
  • Your first restaurant out to eat (at 8 days old) was to Starr Pizza...we sat outside on the porch for lunch, next restaurant was a sushi happy hour did great and slept through both
  • You have been to the park (7 days old)
  • You’re a pretty good sleeper so far....sleep most of the morning and then wake up in the afternoon for a little bit and ready for bed between 9 and 10.  You give mama a 3-4 hour stretches of sleep at the beginning of the night and then 2.5 hour stretches of sleep between feedings until the late morning.
  • You have overeaten 2x & made yourself sick
  • 100 % breast fed
  • Chocolate is mama’s postpartum craving again, but just like with brother, you do not tolerate well.
  • You like to eat, snuggle, and be swaddled.
  • At your 2 week appt: 8 lbs 1 oz (45%), height 20.5 in (62%), head 14.13 (71%)
  • You have the cutest dimple on your right cheek. 
  • Met your Nanny and Papa
  • You love to sleep with mama every night.
  • You seem to be a deep thinker, you will furrow your brows like you're thinking about something and you're very quiet
  • 2/11 starting to lose your baby hair
  • You’re becoming more alert and starting to track mama and daddy 
  • Starting to hold head up by yourself
  • You really enjoy mama carrying you around in the baby wrap
  • You’re too small for the cloth diapers, so you’re wearing disposable
  • We’ve had several play dates so far, and you’ve slept through all of them.  You really like your sleep hehe
  • First trip out with just Mama and Dutch was to Target.  You were two weeks old and slept the entire time :-)
  • At 3 weeks old mama ventured to Costco & HEB & the post office for the first time with just you and brother.  We did great!
  • Your cry is short but loud, and a pterodactyl
  • At your 1 month appt: 9 lbs 3 oz (50th percentile) and 22 inches long (87th percentile), projected to be 5'9 when grow up, 1 shot, a little congestion and using oils to treat, some baby acne on face and around neck, watery left eye (probably a clogged tear duct that has been this way since birth), holding your head up very well, tracking mama and daddy with your eyes, starting to smile
  • Took your first road trip to Austin with Aunt Grace
  • Mama loves to dress you up and we’re starting to get to know you better everyday
  • You’re very quiet and thoughtful
  • Unless you’re cold, need to pass gas or have a BM, or are hungry you don't cry much at all
  • You look around and take a lot in
  • Eating every 2 hours around the clock  You eat well and then go right to sleep
  • Took your first nature hike with mama, daddy, and brother
  • At 4 weeks old you smiled a real smile for mama
  • Still in newborn clothes & newborn size diapers
xoxo Darby


Kate @ DCL said...

What cuties!! My little guy is one YEAR today and I cannot handle how fast time time has gone. Hold on to the little moments for sure <3

Kellyn Fleming said...

I can already tell I am going to LOVE these posts!!!! This is going to take the place of my craving for Bumpdates :) It's especially sweet to relive Dutch's first months but also get to learn about new Lady Ellis :)

Jessica K said...

Ellis needs to have a chat with Bryce about Target... mine doesn't seem to like to store. Only store she ever throws a fit in... It needs to change!!

She is absolutely adorable! Glad to hear things are going well!

StephTheBookworm said...

How fun that you post these together!

Ellis shares my birthday so we're definitely birthday buddies!

Edye Nicole said...

They're too cute!! So excited for more updates in the future :)

Edye //

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