Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday: Hooks & Hangers

Remember how a couple weeks ago, I told y'all about how I was embarrassed about my laundry Nazi tendencies? Oh I didn't say it like that? Well I should have, because it's completely true.

Well maybe this is another confession, or further proof, that I have a laundry obsession problem.  So here's the deal: I don't like to put any clothes in a chest of drawers; I like everything hung in the closet.  You see, if things are not hung up I forget that they exist (obviously this means I have too much, which is a totally different problem that I'll save for another day).  Of course if everything needs to be hung, this means when the Mr. and I are home shopping, large closets are a must.  But the problem doesn't end there.  If everything is hung up, I have to be very choosey about the hangers I use.  You know if you put a sweater on a hanger you get those bumps in the shoulders.....first-world problems I tell ya!

Okay so anyways, I quickly noticed that when I was organizing Teeny Peep's closet that little girl clothes come in sets: a pair of pants or bloomers goes with a specific shirt or dress.  With little boys there is a lot more mixing and matching of clothes.  For Dutch I hang all of his shirts and onsies and have all of his pants and shorts folded and placed in baskets in rows so that I can see them all at the same time on top of his dresser (see his closet here).  I felt like I wouldn't be able to do this system as well for Teeny Peep because there are specific sets, so I had to figure out something else.  

Initially I was trying to save all of the store hangers so that everything could be hung together.  But those hangers are a real bear to deal with, and honestly I didn't have enough either.
And honestly, they don't look great (.....I'm hearing violins play right now and I'm hanging my spoiled & picky head in shame)
Then I tried just hanging them together on regular hangers.
This system also did not work.
The pants kept sliding and I knew I would just end up with piles of mismatched pants on the floor of the closet.
Finding hangers for pants for children is not as easy as it is for adults.  I started researching hangers (clearly this is a major issue lol) and I came across these clips.  They attach to the hangers that you already have and can be adjusted to any length that they hanger allows.  I read great reviews, so I ordered 3 packs of 12 to see how what I thought.
Wow folks, I'm a believer!  These clips are super easy to transform my baby hangers to hold pants and bloomers.  Now all of my sets for both of my baby peeps are easily organized and hung in the closet!
I'm lovin' the ease of these hanger clips and I highly recommend them for all laundry Nazi's parents of little ones.  So really go get some of these, and please no one comment on the fact that laundry has been a blog topic twice within a month lol

I was not paid for this post, but if Mainstays wants to start paying me I'd gladly accept the extra cash ;-)
xoxo Darby


Unknown said...

You're so crafty! Reese and I have a hanging over folding issue too! Tucking this tip away and passing it along to the ones with littles in my life!!

Love seeing your sweet girl!

Jessica said...

That is a great idea. We are lucky if the clothing makes it out of the laundry baskets these days haha. As I type, I am ignoring a giant pile of laundry next to me on the couch lol

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

You're speaking my love language, lady. :)

Unknown said...

Wooden Clothes Hangers from Bizarkdeal

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