Friday, January 19, 2018

Family Pictures {2017}

I promise you, if it were not for Grace Hill Photography we would nev-er have family pictures.  NEVER! These pictures were an impromptu, quick 10 minute photo shoot over Thanksgiving.  The Mr. & I think this might be our favorite set of pictures because they truly capture our family as it is right now with two very active, and chatty, toddlers.  Somehow when she takes our pictures I forget about all of the toddler-isms, the dust bunnies, the boogers wiped on my leggings, how absolutely exhausted I am, the finger smudges and just general grime that is everywhere, & instead I just can't help but smile at this batch of blessings God has graced me with.  We're in an exhausting phase, but we're also in a very fun phase and these pictures remind me of that.  Thank you Grace really are the. best.edits-0074edits-0001edits-0003edits-0004edits-0008edits-0011edits-0015edits-0021edits-0022edits-0028edits-0029edits-0031edits-0034edits-0040edits-0043edits-0044edits-0046edits-0050edits-0052edits-0058edits-0059edits-0061edits-0063edits-0065edits-0066edits-0067edits-0070
xoxo Darby

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