Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A New Series- The Small Things

If we were to go for coffee, either in a coffee shop by ourselves or around my kitchen table, what would I tell you?  I would share with you about the small things in my life that are just making life easier or more joyful.

With the new year, I wanted to start a new series of posts around LWTH.  I used to do a series on Wednesdays: "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday"...yea, I know really creative.  But this new series is less regimented & more of a conversation, as if we had a coffee date together & we were sharing the latest things in life that are really small but just make life more manageable.The Small Things- Life with the HawleysSo today if we had a coffee date scheduled it would be around my kitchen table because I don't have a sitter for my kiddos.  But, I would be sure to tell you about 2 (well 3 if I'm being honest) splurges I made for myself in November that I don't regret one bit!

A few years ago, I ordered a pair of tall brown boots for $25 from Zulily.  Since then, I wore them so much that almost every time I wore them I had to hot glue the strap that went across the top of my foot back on.  And, occasionally, it would come unglued when I was out & about.  Sad? Yes!  My bestie told me about the amazing quality of Bed Stu shoes last year, but when I saw the price tag I almost choked.  Last fall my boots kept falling apart & I was just tired of gluing my shoes together.  I'm not a cobbler!  So I took the plunge and I purchased these boots.  They are ah-maz-ing and I don't regret it at all!!!  (Of course I shopped for a 25% off coupon though! Phew!)  These are the best boots I have ever owned; real leather & amazing quality.  These boots will easily pay for themselves since I wont be buying new boots every couple years (or gluing them back together).  I have worn them almost every day since I got them too. I absolutely love them.  I should have listened to my bestie when she said to get them last year.  DSC_0588
Did you happen to see the amazing fall collection by Grace & Lace?! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I'm borderline clinically obsessed with this company.  I just love the mission of the organization with owners who love Jesus & genuinely give back, & if that wasn't enough, they had a pretty epic fall release.  These two items, the bamboo duster & the bamboo cascade, are their new Luxe items.  They are honestly the softest fabrics I have ever felt & I have been wearing them nonstop for 2 months.  I don't ever put them away because I know that I will be wearing them again soon.  I've posted about them a lot on Instagram so you need to follow me there for my outfits.  I own the mushroom cascade and both the sand and the midnight in the duster.....I think I need the other color of the cascade too because I just love it so much.  Pah-lease do yourself a favor and go check these out!Grace & Lace Luxe ine
So those are my few splurges that are giving me a smile.  What small things have you done lately that are just making life more bearable?

Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer~ I was not compensated in any way for this post; I just really like these products.
xoxo Darby
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