Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Keep the Cards!

When all the Christmas decorations are packed away it can be a little sad.  You know, the post-Christmas blues? We go from non-stop celebration to nothing and getting back to normal.  Y’all know I love Christmas, and am one of those crazy people that listen to Christmas music year-round; I just love it. But I also love to keep the Christmas cards up year-round; we call it our "wall of love."
It's an easy way to keep the sweet spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year. 

I don’t throw Christmas cards in the trash. 

I don’t pack Christmas cards away for the next year. 

Instead we pick one card a week and pray for that family.  We pray for marriages to deepen, increased health, available and disciplined finances, safety and protection, children, blessings in the workplace, patience, compassion, giving spirits, and that they would be the Light to others during their storms throughout the year.  So friends, if you sent us a Christmas card this year, please know that we will be praying for you for at least one full week this year!  (Sidebar, please don’t think prayer is bought with a Christmas card.  This is just a way for us to focus our prayers on others.  We still pray for y’all even without a Christmas card).

If you’ve got Christmas cards laying around the house and you don’t know what to do with them, I encourage you to use them during your prayer time.  By letting your children pick the card to pray for each week, this is also a great way to help engage, demonstrate, & encourage an active prayer life.

Have a great first week of 2018 friends!!
xoxo Darby

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Nadine said...

What an amazing way to share love with your family and friends and keep the Christmas magic alive all year!

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