Friday, January 11, 2019

Shepherd's Dinner

The first time I heard about this was last fall (2018) and I knew immediately that I wanted to make this a new Christmas tradition in our home.  One night the week before Christmas we dressed up like shepherds, & ate on the floor with only the light of candles & the Christmas tree. We ate the meal a shepherd might have eaten in the time of Jesus, we read about the shepherds from our Bible & focused on the anticipation of the Christ's birth, and ultimate return.
What might that night have been like for the shepherds?
How will we act as we wait on the return?
Christmas extends far past Christ's birth and that night we took time to focus on the experience the Shepherds might have experienced and recognized that God felt it important that even the lowly shepherds hear The Good News.  This first Shepherd's dinner was such a treasure for us, and something my kids are still talking about.  This is definitely a new Hawley Christmas tradition.DSC_0136
xoxo Darby

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