Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hanger Hack

I feel slightly ridiculous writing a post about this, but I'm going to do it anyways.  Because I have tried to figure this out for quite some time, so if this silly little tip helps even one person, my day will be made :-)  And if you're laughing to yourself because I wrote a post about this, let me just tell you, what you should be laughing at is the fact that it took me X decades to figure this out.  Really, that is what is truly funny.Hanger Hack- Life with the Hawleys
Okay, I'm a hanger person.  I hang all of my clothes in the closet.  I like to see everything I have to decide what I'm going to wear (yes, I'm aware how very first world this sounds).  If I can't see it, then I don't wear it, which is no good.  This means that a dresser doesn't work for me (also I just don't want another piece of furniture in my room).

But if you hang your winter sweaters on hangers, and some other shirts too, they get those weird fabric bumps from the hanger.  Then when you go to wear the shirt it looks like you have two giant lumps on your shoulders.  Not attractive.

It took me decades to figure this trick out so I'm going to share it with you so that you don't have those funny shoulder bumps.  And if you have known this forever, please don't tell me ;-)

First, fold your shirt in half.20190106_163914
Lay the hanger upside down at the armpit of the shirt, with the hook pointing towards the folded arms (this will help when you hang the shirt to see which shirt it is, and not just the arm of the shirt).20190106_163941
Fold the arms over the top rung of the hanger, and under the bottom bar.20190106_163958
Do this again with the abdominal portion of the shirt (over the top rung, and under the bottom bar).20190106_164135
Now you are ready to hang your shirt in the closet so that you can see it without getting fabric indentations at the shoulders.  See, super easy trick!  No go forth and update your closet ;-)20190106_164223
xoxo Darby

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StephTheBookworm said...

This is smart and is a good idea for those pesky cardigans and shirts that always slip off the hanger!

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