Monday, August 13, 2018

Summer Book Haul: Part 1

Earlier in the summer, I mentioned on Instagram that I wanted to do a book haul blog post.  I pulled out all of the books that I purchased in June & July to share with you, but that was when I started to get embarrassed.  When I stacked up all of the books, there were a lot more there than I initially thought.....and it was ONLY mid-July....AND it was before I discovered Thrifty Books.  I still had the rest of the summer for books to get as I was prepping for the school year.  Oh goodness Darby!  Today, I’m really just sharing the books we got & loved from the first part of the summer.  I will have to share the rest of the summer with you later. (so I don't feel so bad about myself lol)

Check out the rest of that haul: Part 2 & Part 3
Book Haul- Life with the Hawleys
As a rule, I never pay whole price for books; almost all of the books I buy are used.  So where do I shop for books? Amazon, Usborne Books, Costco, consignment shops, Thrifty Books, & resale book shops.  
See I told you this was a bit embarrassing for only about a month and a half of summer.  Don’t judge me.20180721_154403
Okay let’s start with the pile on the left and move across the fireplace hearth.20180721_154549

Okay, so that is what we added to our home library and read this summer.  What books do you have that your kiddos are loving?  Please share your favorites with me!
xoxo Darby

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