Monday, September 17, 2018

Summer Book Haul: Part 3

Earlier in the summer, I mentioned on Instagram that I wanted to do a book haul blog post.  I pulled out all of the books that I purchased in June & July to share with you, but that was when I started to get embarrassed.  When I stacked up all of the books, there were a lot more than I initially thought.....and it was ONLY mid-July....AND it was before I discovered Thrifty Books.  I still had the rest of the summer for books to get as I was prepping for the school year.  Oh goodness Darby!  Today, I’m just sharing the last part of our summer book haul, from August.  I noticed that I bought a lot of sets and series towards the end of the summer, which may have led to it looking like a bit more? Or maybe I am just trying to justify my book binge?  Also I would like to admit that I have officially put myself on an indefinite book spending freeze.  I think it's safe to say that we have enough to read right now, right?
As a rule, I never pay whole price for books; almost all of the books I buy are used.  So where do I shop for books? Amazon, Usborne Books, Costco, consignment shops, Thrifty Books, & resale book shops. So let's dive into part 3 of this big 'ole summer book haul:
I purchased the Dash into Reading series
(plus the additional activities, not pictured here)DSC_0050
I completed, for me, the Usborne Illustrated Series.  We love these books, so I knew that we would enjoy reading all of these.  The Norse Myths are Dutch's favorite right now.  We already had the top 3 on the right, so I added the rest in August.
The next series I fell for this summer was by Dianna Aston & Sylvia Long.  I purchased one just to see if I would like it, & then I knew I had to have all of them.  They are so beautifully written to teach science and character at the same time.  Honestly, you can't help but linger on the pages!
The Tales of Buttercup Grove was another series of short chapter books, that I heard a lot about, & then I saw a big sale on the publisher's website, so I just got them all.  All of these books are seasonal, teach character, & relate back to scripture.
I forgot to share this with you in the first book haul, but we got this set of readers at the beginning of the summer.  They are fantastic, and have a lot of activities at the end of each book to test comprehension and to assist in teaching phonetic awareness.
I also purchased these Usborne books.  They are absolutely beautiful in the illustrations, but also in their messages. I can foresee us spending a lot of time in the nature books this fall.
These two are great stories for our afternoon tea time.  The illustrations are gorgeous!
Almost anything by Gail Gibbons I love, and so do my kids!  I love that these stories are so educational.  Gibbons clearly does her research before all of her books and each book can easily be used to teach children so much about so many topics.  These are the ones we picked up this summer for lessons this fall.
Paul Galdone is another one of my favorite authors.  I love the illustrations, and the way he tells a story my children think is so funny!
These are the chapter books that I picked up to read this year for read alouds:
These are the picture books that we have for the year.  I have a unit for each of these books already ready to go.  We will focus on each of these books for a week with an emphasis on character development & growth mindset.
These two books I purchased to read as devotions over breakfast:
Okay, so that is what we added to our home library and read this summer (see part 1 and part 2 for the rest).  What books do you have that your kiddos are loving?  Please share your favorites with me! I might be on a spending freeze, but I'm not on a wishlist freeze ;-)
xoxo Darby

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