Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Cobbler or Crumble?

Y'all this is serious: there is an epic debate about some old-fashioned treats that needs to be settled.  Stat! I was reading a magazine flipping through my magazine looking at the pictures as fast as I could, when I came across an article that asked readers to "Name that Dessert".  Apparently, we don't know the difference.  For shame! Time to take the challenge to see what desserts you actually like.  Are you up for it? It might require some taste-testing.

It's A Cobbler!

A cobbler is a baked dessert that has a biscuit topping that looks like cobblestones (makes sense!)

Try this cherry-chocolate cobbler recipe1533665479408

It's A Crumble!

This is a combination of baked fruit with a streusel topping (often called a crisp).  The topping typically includes oats.

Try this plum-nectarine crumble with hazelnuts.1533665502670

It's A Buckle!

There is also a streusel topping on this dessert, but it typically sinks into the dessert.  Whereas the crumble was more of a fruit, a buckle has a cake-like batter that the fruit will sit in.

Try this Blueberry-Peach Buckle1533665473174

It's A Betty!

A Betty is a lot like a crumble, except there is a buttery layer of breadcrumbs above and beneath the fruit layer.

Try this Apple-Strawberry Betty1533665469104

Well there you have it. The debate is over!

We all now know the difference and will be able to feast onward!

So educational, and oh so tasty ;-)

xoxo Darby

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Jessica said...

The crumble is my favorite, but we call it a crisp. My mom makes the most amazing apple crisp this time of year and the topping is so good, I could honestly eat it by itself! Although I would miss those yummy apples!

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