Monday, September 24, 2018

My Second Morning

My Second Morning- Life with the HawleysI don’t think I have always been an introvert, & I don’t think I will be one forever; however, in this season of my life, while homeschooling my young children, I am an introvert. I don’t get a lot of time alone where I can refuel, & I really need it.

In fact, while the world is awake, I am being emptied. 

The only time that I have found to refuel is when the world is sleeping. So I stay up late. Like really late.  I would rather be sleep-deprived & sane, than rested & crazy. (sidebar- I attribute my ability to work on little sleep to doctoral grad school). I see bedtime as “second morning”.

I stay up late because

I want to zone-out,

to read a book,

to be creative & write a blog post,

to mindlessly scroll through Facebook,

to enjoy the silence,

to prep the next school day in peace,

I always have,

to refuel,

to connect with the part of me that isn’t just a teacher, mother, or wife,


“mostly, I stay up late because it is one way I stay sane in this very intense life of mothering young children. This quiet, uninterrupted time to myself fuels me in a way sleep can’t right now.”

xoxo Darby

1 comment :

Julie said...

Yes! I do this too but I get up silly early. I physical can’t stay up late so my time is the morning, like 4:30am. It’s when I can be productive and prep for the day so I can be a NICE Mama!

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