Monday, June 17, 2019

Year-Round Schooling

Do you school year-round?” I’ve gotten this question & heard it a lot lately (probably because traditional schools are letting out for summer).  For us, we absolutely school through the summer.  I know is doesn’t work for everyone and that’s totally cool with me (I know you know your family best, and doing what fits your family best- you’re awesome- rock on!) This is our 3rd summer of schooling & I’ll share why we choose to school this way:

ONE-  It works for us! My kids flourish with the rhythm of learning.  When we go without the structure, we have a tendency to forget some character traits & educational skills we’ve worked on
TWO- Summers are hot in TX- This girl still has not adjusted to TX heat. It’s too hot to be outside.  We actually make our most progress during the summer months.
THREE- Freedom- When we school year-round it doesn’t mean we don’t take breaks. We do, just not when the calendar dictates.  Because we school in the summer, when it’s cooler in the “winter” we have field trips galore; we go to the beach during the week, in the off-season (yippee for off-season prices).
FOUR- Intensity decreases- The daily pace is more relaxed, and we are less pressured to complete content during the traditional 9-month calendar.  We never have to school 7 hours a day during the year because it’s spaced out over a longer period of time.
FIVE- Environmental learning- I don’t want my kids to think learning only happens Sept-May.  I’ve been intentional to develop a lifestyle of learning, not determined by the calendar or the environment.  Learning is anytime anywhere. I don’t want “lazy learning” to develop, instead I want curiously to shine whenever the mood strikes.

While these are my reasons, I do not think schooling year-round is the only way to incorporate these concepts, this is just how we make it work for us.

xoxo Darby
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