Monday, February 19, 2018

Vintage Children's Artwork Display

It's been a little bit since I posted a DIY around here, hasn't it?! Well this is an easy one y'all!  For the longest time I have posted the kids artwork on the sliding doors to the backyard, and the Mr. was not a fan of that at all. lol He likes to look into the backyard but the school work was so thick he couldn't see at all.  It was like a wall & there was no sunlight coming in.  I had to agree with him too; it was beginning to be a little too much but there was no way that I was cutting back on that school work.  Sooooo I had to move it.  I researched so many ideas on Amazon & Pinterest, but nothing was fitting my style, so I had to get creative.Vintage Childrens Artwork Display- Life with the Hawleys
Hawley HomeschoolThis was a really super easy & cheap DIY (my favorite kind!).  I purchased gold & white bakers twine, wooden sewing spools, & mini clothes pins. I asked the Mr. to screw 4 spools into the wall of our school room to make two rows where I could hang school work.  Then I just tied the bakers twine to each spool and clipped on some of the mini clothes pins. Done! 
This is the wall of schoolwork blocking the backyard. So I guess this is the "Before"
Isn't that so easy?!?!?! I love the vintage look of this artwork display, and it can surprisingly hold a lot of weight! Win-Win!!!
How do you display your kids artwork & school work at home?
xoxo Darby

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