Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I Found Fruit

There are moments as a mother that I pray for, but when they actually happen, I’m never ready for.  I’m always blown away.  This has happened twice since right before Christmas.  I always pray that what I’m doing as a mother is effective.  That the things I’m saying over and over and over again, are sinking in.  That who my children are exposed to are pointing them to Christ.  On the rare occasion, because toddlers are not the best at communicating their own character development ;-) I have been given the gift of seeing the fruit of my labor.berries-1546125_1920
Right before Christmas our church had a live nativity for the kids during their Sunday School hour.  I wanted to see my kids see the manger scene with the live animals; I wanted to see their reactions.  The Mr. and I stood behind a tree to watch them see the manger scene (we didn't want them to know that we were spying on them hehe).  There were people acting out the nativity and singing songs while the kids sat in front and watched.  Then they asked the three year olds, who was Mary carrying, and who did she give birth to.  All of the kids just sat there, but my precious Dutch stood up and shouted “Jesus!”  When he sat down, his friend Judah, leaned over, hugged him, and said “way to go Dutch!” To some this might be so small, but as a mother to see that not only was he familiar with the story and knew the answers to the questions, but that he was so enthusiastic about sharing, was so reassuring to me.  It was a moment I needed to affirm that what I have been pouring into my kids is working.

Then in late January, I was driving the kids to a play date.  We drove by our church & Dutch started asking questions about the cross out in the front of our church.  I told Dutch that Jesus died on the cross.  Dutch then asked me if the cross squished Jesus.  I said no that He died so we could go to heaven and live with God forever.  Then I asked Dutch if he wanted Jesus in his heart and he said yes and that he would give Jesus a new cross, a little one so it would fit in his heart.  I’m well aware that this is not my 3 year old coming to salvation, but it is a sign to me that he is interested, that he is starting to grasp the concepts, & that he IS paying attention.

These two moments have truly been gifts for me as a mother.  How encouraging it has been to be able to hear him say these things and reaffirm my efforts that my work is growing fruit. 

Thank you Lord!!!  Please allow me the great privilege to continue leading these blessings you have entrusted me with to Your Kingdom.
xoxo Darby

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