Wednesday, July 19, 2017

One Room School House

Since Christmas I’ve had an idea for a school room rolling around in my brain.  We have been doing our school work in the living room and in Dutch’s bedroom, back and forth for 2 years & it was just becoming an issue.  (Yes, a first world issue, but an issue none-the-less).  I had a small closet of all of the school stuff but because it was such a small closet everything was double stacked in height and depth and I just couldn’t see what we had.  You know if you can’t see it you’re not using it, and I wanted to be able to use everything.  Not to mention that this tiny closet was in the nursery so I couldn’t do any prep while the kids were sleeping, which makes NO sense at all for this phase of my life with two lively little ones demanding mama’s attention.  We had a guest room that was used maybe 8 days a year when we had visitors.  It made me feel like we never really got to use a space that we could definitely use.  Once our guests for the year left, the switch began.  I rotated 3 closets and made this guest room into my favorite room in our house! One Room School House- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
So let me share this new room with you!!! Since it is the former guest room, there is a full bathroom attached which is great for little ones to have a potty close, but also the sink is awesome for art projects.  The big walk-in closet of the guest room has now become the school closet, so all manipulatives & art supplies are organized, stored, & still easily seen. I have 2 carts in the closet (one for each child) so I can just roll that day's materials out for each child. I have the bookshelf low so that I can have baskets of activities for the kids to choose from since I tend to lean in the Montessori direction. (I still have plenty of space for our Montessori stations).  I also have a dry erase board with the objectives for each day.  My kiddos like to check-off each item that we accomplish.DSC_0309DSC_0312DSC_0314DSC_0316DSC_0318DSC_0281DSC_0317DSC_0320DSC_0319DSC_0322


Wooden Chalkboard & Dry Erase Easel ~ Bookshelf ~ Kitchenette ~ Wooden Table & Chairs ~ Rolling Carts ~ Glider ~ Cream Secretary Desk (similar) ~ Shutters for Art & on Wall (from Hobby Lobby) ~ White bookshelf (antique show) ~ Cream chair (antique but here is similar) ~ Lamp with Burlap Shade (I made but here is similar) ~ Art Supply Organizer (mine is from Hobby Lobby but here is a similar) ~ Sheepskin Rug ~ Mobile (I made as a decoration for Ellis Birthday Party) ~Dry Erase Clock ~ Posters on closet doors (numbers, shapes, alphabet, position words, & opposites)
Since moving into the school room for school & play it has been so much more convenient.  School is simpler and organized.  I have plenty of time and space to plan before the actual school morning.  We can actually see & access all of our books!!!  All around it is just so much better and way more enjoyable!DSC_0364
For those of you who are teachers or homeschoolers, what have I not thought of?
What could I do better?
What rookie mistakes am I making?!?!
xoxo Darby

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