Friday, January 6, 2017

Sheldon on the Shelf

I’m aware that it isn’t Christmas anymore, yet I’ve blogged about Christmas twice this week.  Don’t hate.
I’m also aware that there is much controversy over this silly little elf that I’m about to talk about.  But I honestly don’t care.  In our house, Sheldon is a doll that we play hide and seek with from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  He isn’t a tool for behavioral modification or something that the kids aren’t allowed to touch.  (Sidebar- I’m not judging those that do use it this way.  I really don’t care; do what’s right for you and your family and I respect you for that.  We don’t use it that way, because try telling a 2 year old not to touch a cute little elf and see how far you get).  It’s just a fun toy that we play with; it’s the adults playing with the kids’ toys after the kids go to bed.  Right after the kids go to bed I hide Sheldon and they look for him as soon as they wake up in the morning.  I just use what we already have around the house for Sheldon- I didn’t buy a single thing or spend more than 2 minutes a night on this.  Super easy! Here are some of the fun hiding places & adventures Sheldon went on this past month.  I’m going to pin this and use for future Christmases!!!Elf on the Shelf Ideas
xoxo Darby

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StephTheBookworm said...

You are so creative and clever! Love it! My favorite is the fishing one. Haha so cute!

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