Monday, December 4, 2017

Ice Trays Without Ice- Preschool Activity

I have been dreaming about ice trays for weeks!  I kid you not! I'm not exaggerating at all.  We've been using ice trays so much in our home classroom lately that I'm dreaming up ways to use them in my sleep. I wake up in the morning and think, "oh that's a good idea; let's try it today" I think sleeping Darby just might be smarter than awake Darby.  It's sad really lol  It may be weird & sad, but if I can think while I'm sleeping I'll take it!  I'm going to share a few different ways that we've been using ice trays in our schooling.  (I purchased these).Ice Tray Preschool Activities- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
DSC_0283When I first started with the ice trays I used them for patterns.  I let Dutch use the different colored bears to complete a pattern.  I would start a pattern in the top row and then he would complete it.  Then he would make a pattern for me and I would complete it for him.  I think he really liked being the teacher.DSC_0366
Then I took different colored pom poms with Ellis and let her sort them in the ice tray according to colors.  When we were talking about different aspects of fall, I let Ellis sort different fall items (e.g. acorns, bats, pumpkins, leaves, etc.) in ice trays according to shapes & textures (similar activity).DSC_0368
To practice numbers, I took a dry erase marker and wrote different numbers in the bottoms of the ice trays.  Then, since we were talking about the letter P that week, I instructed Dutch to fill each compartment with the corresponding number of popcorn kernels.  Later to work on fine motor skills, he had to do the same task but only using special tongs to move the popcorn kernels.DSC_0273-2DSC_0295
To practice letters, I turned the ice trays over so that they looked like teeth and gave Dutch a toothbrush (it was a new fresh one lol).  I wrote letters on the bottoms of the trays with a dry erase marker.  I would call out a letter and he has to "brush" off the letter I called out.  Or I would say the sound a letter makes and he had to brush off that letter ("What letter makes the tah-tah-tah sound?" and he would brush the letter T off the ice trays.)DSC_0407
I was at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago and I picked up a few new manipulatives to use with our tongs & ice trays for Christmas. We will be using these to do patterns (mitten, tree, mitten, tree, etc.), color & letter identification (for example put a green jingle bell on the letter U), counting (put 2 red jingle bells on the 2), and then of course fine motor skills.
I am adding this picture (1/28/18) as we start to use these ice trays to celebrate Valentine's Day.  We're counting candy conversation hearts out using a dry erase marker & tongs.  Such a fun and easy way to teach number recognition, counting, fine motor, & the season.
I'm adding this photo (6/18/118) because we continued to use these ice trays for pattern practice as we learn about & celebrate the 4th of July!
Can you think of another way that we could use the ice trays????
xoxo Darby

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