Monday, December 11, 2017

Tree Hunting

On the way back into the city after Thanksgiving we always pick up our tree.  I'm one of those people that wants the tree up for as long as possible, so from the Friday after Thanksgiving all the way until the last day in January we have a tree up in our house.  I am always milking the season for as long as I can.  So as we were unloading the truck from Thanksgiving at the ranch (recap here) we were putting up Christmas decorations.  Dutch acted like a pro at picking out the tree & this was the first time Ellis really got to explore the Christmas tree lot.  They both seemed to really enjoy it, and Dutch really liked to teach Ellis all about what a great tree looks like.  We brought home our tree and decorated it that night.  Last year I purchased a collection of red and gold plastic ornaments for the toddler years so that Dutch and Ellis can rearrange the tree as many times as they want to without me worrying about something breaking.  I figure one day I will pull out our fragile ornaments again, but for now these plastic ornaments are working just fine for us.DSC_0540DSC_0547DSC_0550DSC_0563DSC_0560DSC_0564DSC_0579DSC_0585DSC_0587DSC_0604

xoxo Darby

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