Wednesday, December 13, 2017

One Day....Celebration Will Come

I remember listening to this song on the way to work one morning years ago, with streams of tears pouring down my cheeks.  As much as I love this season, I realize that this is a season of anticipation & with anticipation often comes a lot of heartache.  I was listening to the song "One Day" about how the Israelites waited to hear from God for 400 years; He was silent for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS!!!! At this point in my life I had been waiting for the Lord to bless us with a child for 4 years, and it seemed like God was silent (our story of infertility here).  Struggling with self-doubt, praying, crying, waiting, bitterness, sadness, loneliness.....consumed me.  To me, 4 years seemed like an eternity; what would 400 years feel like?!  But I know that while I felt like God was silent, that did not mean He wasn't at work.  He was not passive in my life, just like He wasn't passive in the lives of the Israelites.The Season of Waiting- Life with the Hawleys
While I'm not trying to compare my situation to the Israelites; I realize that it is very different, but I do use their season of trial as an experience to apply to my life.  Waiting is hard!  It is so easy on the other side to rejoice, like we now do for Christmas, but in the moment waiting to see the fruit of God's work and promises is a huge challenge.  I know that I now have my children and I can look back on that time of struggle & clearly see God's work in our lives, but I'm at a season where I'm waiting again.  Aren't we always waiting for something?  Now I'm waiting for the fruit of the labor of pouring into my children.  I continue to pray for them on my knees that they would come to the Lord, that they would be obedient, that they would be light for others.  Who knows how long I will wait to see that? Well, God knows the answer there too.

I encourage you, if you're waiting on God, He IS listening.  He is NOT far.  He has NOT left you. Cry out to Him and He will cradle you.  One day the curtain will be opened. 

The song that I mentioned can be purchased (here) or you can watch a small clip here (the first minute and a half).  If you are struggling with infertility, loss, or grief, I hope you know that I pray for you on a daily basis that God would fulfill the desires of your heart and fill you with peace and joy while you wait.  You are a very special population that I am proud to be a member of to love on and pray for.
xoxo Darby

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