Monday, February 27, 2017

Cereal Numbers

For the past couple months during our school day we’ve really been focusing on numbers.  Not just the recognition of numbers, but also counting and writing numbers.  I’ve been as creative as I can to make numbers exciting and fun to practice.  This past week I took some glue and let Dutch paste puffs over the numbers as we were counting.  This was really fun (and tasty) for him.  I will probably repeat this little activity with him again with letters and shapes.  I just used those little baby puffs because we had them and of course the baby doesn’t like them ;-) You could also use Cheerios or Fruit Loops.  If you use Fruit Loops you could make multiple numbers in various colors.  So fun!!!!Cereal Numbers-2

DSC_0770DSC_0764DSC_0774DSC_0798Cereal Numbers-1
What activities have you been doing with your kiddos lately?
Teach me what you’re teaching :-)
xoxo Darby

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