Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall LWTH Festivities Round-Up

Fall is a southerners reward for having survived summer :-)

Despite the temperatures, according to the calendar, last Wednesday was the first official day of fall!!!! My favorite ‘ember months and fall festivities can officially commence!  And by “officially” I mean that I can participate in public without guilt or public shaming lol

Last week Dutch and I decorated the house for fall and had a blast.  Today I want to dip into the LWTH archives to revisit some of YOUR favorite fall LWTH posts:

Fall 2013 Hawley Home Decor
Pine Cone Wreath

When the cooler whether strikes sometimes we have dryer skin, so here is an awesome skin scrub:
Monogram Fall Wreath
Organized Scarves
Fall 2011 Hawley Home Decor
Coffee Candles
Fall Swag DIYFall Swag

I can tell, and I’m sure you can too, from these pictures that some of those posts are from deep in the LWTH archives lol Oldies can still be goodies though, right?  Okay, it’s fall, and you have some suggestions to get you started so it’s time to celebrate fall! Happy Monday!
xoxo Darby

1 comment :

Chelsea said...

LOVE those coffee candles you did! Might have to do that this weekend! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome posts.

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