Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Shop Pioneer Woman

If you’ve ever asked me about my favorite recipes, or favorite cookbook, or favorite show on the Food Network, or favorite blog, my answer is a resounding Pioneer Woman.  Y’all I’m about as obsessed with her as one can get without having a clinical disorder.  I have all of her cookbooks (even preordered her latest book 3 months in advance) and memoir, all of her children’s books for my kiddo, have my DVR jam-packed with her show, and have cooked about every recipe she’s ever created.  I’m a proud PW fan, and so is everyone who lives with me.  I’m pretty sure if we ever met we would be friends.  How could we not be?! My dream would be to go out to her ranch, to sit around her kitchen with a glass of ice tea or lemonade and talk and laugh as we cooked through some recipes (tasting along the way of course), and laughing about the funny things in life.  So see, we’re friends, I just don’t think she knows it yet ;-)

Anyways, enough of me being a creeper and destroying any chance I ever hypothetically had at meeting this woman, it’s time for me to move on with this post! lol  When PW said that she was creating a line of kitchen products, I promptly started cleaning out my kitchen cabinets to make some room for her line hahahaha :-)  Last week, PW announced the release of her line….let’s just say I ordered myself a little bit of Christmas (#sorrynotsorry).  If you have not yet seen her line, you must take a look (check out the stash that you need to order here).  I love how fresh and clean, yet traditional and vintage her collection is; totally my style!

Here are some of my favorite pieces in her collection:Pioneer Woman Collection-1Metal Colander ~ Adeline Embossed Goblets ~ Charlie Cookie Jar

See what I mean?!?!? Isn’t everything so perfectly colorful yet simple, vintage yet modern, pretty and elegant yet realistic and usable?!?!  Clearly I’m obsessed and need one of everything…..which would mean I might need a bigger kitchen…..I wonder what the Mr. would think of that? hmmmmm ;-)

Happy Wednesday (and happy shopping!) friends!
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post; I just really like this brand. All opinions are 100% mine
xoxo Darby


Whitney H said...

I want that cake stand and dutch oven so bad!!! I got a set of silverware and some mixing bowls. Hoping to score some more when the line comes to Wal-Mart stores.

Sarah said...

Obviously that cookie jar is on my list ;)

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