Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Lunchskins

First of all, I just want to thank everyone for their kinds words and congratulatory wishes for our gender reveal on Monday.  Thank you so much for sharing your joy with us :-)  Your support and encouragement mean so much to us.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Okay, I’m just dying to tell you about Lunchskins by 3greenmoms.  I stumbled across this product when I was searching for something on Amazon and wow it was an awesome shopping moment.  I really like this company and their mission, and their product truly stands on it’s own.

Lunchskins are like reusable ziplock baggies….and get this: THEY ARE DISHWASHER SAFE!!!  Wahoo!  Eco-friendly bags that will save you money and you can just throw them in the dishwasher?!?! Oh thank you Lord! lol  I use these durable baggies all the time when I pack food for the pool, the park, church, or even the days Dutch has lunch at school.  There is even a place to write your name so they wont get lost (or stolen because they're so awesome people are going to want to steal them; I promise!).  I don’t take a lunch to work anymore, but if I did, I would definitely use these for myself.  They are so easy to use and come in so many cute designs and sizes (check out the other options here).  DSC_0186LunchskinsDSC_0167DSC_0177DSC_0181
These baggies are so easy and fun to use, but there are also some other awesome products that I’m just dying to try, like the wetbags for our cloth diapers and the lunch tote.

My only negative comment on the product is truly a personal one: the name is a little creepy to me (though timely with Halloween around the corner?). I don’t know, I think the word “skin” and any meal should never be in the same sentence ewwwww.  In my opinion, the name of this product has a lot to be desired, but the function is awesome.

So if you can get passed the name, which I hope that you can, you’re really going to love these baggies!

What products have y’all run into lately that you think I would like or just NEED to try? Please help a mama out :-)
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post; I just really like this brand. All opinions are 100% mine.
xoxo Darby

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Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I've seen these before, and I loved them! Along those same lines, we have reusable grocery produce bags which are awesome.

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