Friday, September 4, 2015

Dutch & School

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Dutch was being “promoted” to the Infant II class at his school (and that he needed a bed roll. Remember that?).  He goes to school for no more than 10 hours a week; he is still too young to go all day everyday.   He loves being around the other children and his teachers, and the Mr. and I truly believe in the teaching philosophy at this school.  I know people smirk at me calling it “school” but he really is enrolled in a school.  There is a big difference between “daycare” and “school” (that is clearly a post for another day), and his school actually has a curriculum and lesson plans for everyday.  Disclaimer- In the spirit of being transparent, I just want you to know what we have chosen to do for our family.  I have absolutely NOTHING against daycares and I’m not judging a single family for using a nanny, a daycare, a school, being a mom that works in or out of the home. Do your thing; I KNOW you’re doing your very best for your family.  I not only applaud you, but I am cheering you on!

Anyways, I digress, even after a year of him attending school, this mama still misses him the entire time.  We know that school is such a great opportunity for his social and cognitive development, and he loves it, I just selfishly miss him terribly. I learned very quickly last year that I needed to keep myself busy while Dutch was gone at school so that I didn’t sit in the car of his school parking lot for 2 hours crying until it was time to pick up him.  So while Dutch goes to school, I keep myself busy by getting dinner started, running a few errands, or preparing a lesson or art project for him in the afternoon when he gets done with school (once a teacher always a teacher!).

Dutch started in the Infant II class two weeks ago today and he seems to be enjoying it still.  On days when Dutch is going to school, after breakfast I tell him that he is going to school today and he starts running up and down the hallway chanting “Cool! Cool! Cool” (“cool” = “school” in Dutch’s vocabulary).  There are 5 boys in his class (they cap at 5); the same 5 boys as last year.  I think it is so cute that they will grow up together.  Their teachers call them the “Rat Pack”, and this label could not be more fitting for this group of little boys.  They are so funny.  I just found out that three of the mom’s of the boys in the “Rat Pack” are expecting….so it looks like there will be a second “Rat Pack” next year. Funny, right?

I know that every mother on social media has posted pictures of her child’s first day of school, and I apologize, but we are no different.  We certainly lack originality, but I already love that I have comparison pictures of Dutch’s first days of school; I love that I can physically see how much he has changed and grown in just one year.DSC_0122DSC_0125
He was definitely ready for school.
That, or he was tired of a photo shoot in a bazillion-degree humidity….DSC_0126DSC_0127

And for comparison, this was last year!
He has definitely had a full year of growing!
Happy back to school season!
xoxo Darby


Cari said...

he is so stinking cute!!! I love that you guys send him to school!!! its NEVER too early to get those little brains going.

ps love the door decor ;)

Jessica K said...

I love it!! And yes... different things work for different people! Addie has been in home care, daycare, preschool... we have hit it all! You find what's best for your family, as each one is different! I love the school photos! And the "Rat Pack" is adorable!!! Lifelong friends right there! Hopefully those boys will all go to the same school later in life as well!

Neely said...

Those little shorts OMG!

Emily said...

He is precious!! Yay for learning and making friends. HA, rat pack is cute. No more teaching for you??

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

1. How in the world is he 14 months old already? I love that you have the comparison photos. I'm a big sucker for comparisons. It's a good visual reminder of how things have changed over time. It always brings back memories too.
2. Love the Steelers door decor.
3. That's so cute that the other Rat Pack moms are pregnant again too!

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