Friday, June 16, 2017

Anyone Else??? {and 5 NEW things!}

Well it's Friday again.  Again.
I thought I would share some weird, and super random, new things that have been happening to me lately.  Because who doesn't like a bunch of random-isms to distract you on a Friday?!Five Facts
Previous lists of weird Hawley-isms for more distractions hehehe
1- I'M HOT- Like really really hot.  Like I'm a furnace....a furnace caught on fire.  You know how when you're pregnant you're a bazillion degrees (because you're baking a bun) and then as soon as the baby is born you go back to normal???? Yea well after Ellis was born I didn't go back to normal.  I'm still hot ALL. THE. TIME.  My over-heated nature has nothing to do with the weather, but everything to do with my internal temperature.  My poor hubby is being frozen out still, and I'm still hot.  Typically I'm a person that doesn't even sweat.  I'm never hot.  I tolerate being heated when I'm pregnant because I understand why I'm so hot.  Let me tell you, I'm not tolerating this heat so well right now.  I'm hoping that after I stop nursing & donating milk, my hormones will re-regulate and I'll cool off.  Let's hope for everyone (including our electric bill this summer) that I start to cool off. Anyone else????

2- I NEED HEAT- Despite what I just wrote about being so hot internally, after I had Ellis I can no longer taste flavor. Well the sense isn't completely gone, but it is a really dull sensation.  So I have been adding heat to all of our dishes.  I have to make dinner for everyone and then an extra plate for me covering it in chipotle peppers, hot sauce, smokey paprika, jalapeno peppers....basically whatever I can to taste again.  Anyone else like this postpartum???

3- SCISSOR LOVE- I have a great set of knives in the kitchen gifted to me from my hubby.  But I will be honest, I have stopped using knives to cut meat before cooking.  Instead I have been using my cooking shears.  I cut bacon, chicken tender, pork tenderloin.....anything I want with my scissors.  I just feel like it's easier and faster.  Anyone else???

4- NUMBER MEMORY- I can't remember anything.  My brain is sooooo full I forget everything, EXCEPT, kid toys.  I find it completely fascinating (and utterly shocking) that I can't remember what month it is but I can remember exactly how many pieces go with everything single kid toy we own.  "This game has 11 pieces", "This puzzle has 9 pieces" get the idea.  I remember exactly how many spoons go with each tea set.....and if I can't find one of the pieces, and the game or set is incomplete, I will turn our house inside out until I find it.  It's like I can't sleep until everything is back together.  And if I can't find something it will bother me so much.  I like all of the toys to be complete sets.  Doesn't this sound like a clinical issue?! haha Thank goodness this is just a kid toy thing and not trickling into other areas of my life.  And maybe my brain isn't completely fried because at least it can remember to count toy pieces lol Anyone else??????

5- SUMMER SHOES- I fell in love with both of these shoes and just had to have them.  I was thinking that you can't wear booties in the summer.....but I asked my stylish, fashion-forward sister if it was okay, and she approved.  So it must be true, and I ordered them both!  I am only in these shoes this summer: super fun and comfy! I'm so grateful for my fashion-forward sister for help like this.  Anyone else???
Welp, if it wasn't true before, it certainly is now: I'm weird!  Anyone else????
Have a great weekend!

Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this reviews, I just really like these products!
xoxo Darby

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Kellyn Fleming said...

Haha Yes, you're weird. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Aren't we all? And fashion-forward sister!? Wow, thank you! What a compliment. You're too kind. I'm going to take that with me into my weekend. :-)

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