Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday 5 Facts

Five Facts
I’ve shared some random facts before (here & here) and it’s been a long time since I shared.  Too long.  So I’m fixing that today my friends!
  1. Bangs- I have not had bangs since I was in 2nd grade.  That was several decades ago folks.  I need a hair cut badly because these split ends are about to drive me up the wall.  I’m actually contemplating getting bangs again, but I’m so nervous!  I’ve got a round face, and the last thing I need is to accentuate my chipmunk cheeks with bangs. Decisions decisions!
  2. Comb- I don’t know why my focus is my hair today, but it is. Ha!  I never brush my hair; I only comb it.  I feel like brushing my hair is so aggressive so I only brush it with a wooden comb.
  3. Food Groups- My all time favorite things to consume: chocolate, carbs, cheese, and coffee.  I think I should have the authority to change the food guide pyramid. Don’t you?
  4. Snoring- I absolutely love to hear Dutch and the puppies snore.  The Mr. and I will mute the TV so we can hear them snore.  We just think it is the sweetest and funniest sound.
  5. Back to School- I went back to work last week and Dutch started school this week.  Everyone told me that it would be tough to return to work, and I believed them; I really did!  But like most things you don’t understand until you experience it, I was blown away by how tough this was going to be.  Tuesday, Dutch’s first day, was terrible!  Both Dutch and I struggled all day long being away from each other.  Wednesday was better but it was still pretty tough.  We are navigating this uncharted territory (to us) and really learning a lot.  This has been the toughest back to school week for me.  Each day is getting better, but I still rush through the day to go get my baby boy from school.  I know logically that what I am doing is good for him, and now I just need to wait for my emotions (errrrr hormones) to get on the same page.  Dutch doesn’t know this yet, but after this week I’ve decided I’m officially going to college with him.  Think he will be okay with that? ;-)
Tell me some random facts about you!
Have a great weekend!!!
xoxo Darby


Unknown said...

If you are looking/ are interested in a non agressive brush go get the "Wet Brush" from Target! I will NEVER use another brush again! It is the easiest, gentlest brush ever.

Carie said...

I just got side bangs after I had my baby (she's 9 weeks old) and I have regretted it every single day since. I actually have to tame my bangs each morning, when I use to just be able to throw my hair back in a pony or tuck it behind my ears. I now have to straighten them or pin them back. Such a pain! But the decision is yours! If you have the time/patience for bangs, then GO FOR IT! How the young kids says these days, "YOLO!"

Jessica K said...

I've heard it's not good to brush your hair - but mine needs discipline! As for the bangs - I am not a good advice giver. I tried when I was grown and had a bad cut. They grew out, but still!! If you trust your hair stylist - ask her. Maybe longer bangs to start with? More of a side swoop thing? Sorry for my technical hair terms! :)

As for college - he will probably fight you on that one. But y'all can compromise - he can go to a local college...then you can spy on the weekends, or daily if you prefer!! Haha

Anonymous said...

Hugs girly! I am sure leaving Dutch is hard. But his mama is working so he has a better future.

Random fact about me: I wash my feet before going to bed every night, no matter what. And I don't like to be barefoot in my house, I always have socks or slippers on.

Happy Friday!

Lauren said...

Yes yes yes to the food groups. I mean, that is pretty much my life right there. But add wine too please. Then we're in business :)

Anonymous said...

I always THINK I want bangs, but I hate them within a month. Growing them back out is aggravating. I hate the months during which they are long enough to get in your eyes, but not long enough to stay tucked behind your ears.

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