Monday, June 5, 2017

Roll. Write. Count. FREE Download

I want to share a really fun activity that we have been using in our house lately & give you a FREE Download to use with your preschooler!  This is a single page activity that you can use with your preschooler to talk about & practice numbers.  Not only does this activity let your preschooler practice multiple skills (e.g. numbers, counting, addition, fine motor, handwriting, etc.) but it is ONE page!  You don't need a bunch of workbooks taking up space...just this one page :-)  Check it out....Roll Write Count Number Fun for Preschoolers- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
First, click here to access the free download & print.  You could then laminate the page as I have here, or you could slip it into a page protector.  Either way, dry erase markers work great on those two surfaces. 
For this activity, I let my babies roll the colorful foam dice & then we count the dots.  Dutch, my now 3 year old, practices writing the letters with a dry erase marker.  If your kiddo is writing words now then they have that option also.  We're not there just yet.  Then I let them count out some objects of the corresponding number to place in the final box at the bottom.  If you have a more advanced child then you could use the different colored dice to introduce some basic addition or subtraction.  How easy & fun is that?!

There really are so many fun things that you can use for the counting box.  Use anything that you have around the house.  You might have school supplies already, or you could use rocks from the back yard or dried beans from the pantry.  I'm going to include the links for my supplies below, but honestly we use this a lot during snack time, so food is a great choice for counting!  Also you could use these dot markers or dot stickers if you wanted to.DSC_0051DSC_0052DSC_0054DSC_0055DSC_0060DSC_0061

Doesn't this look like such a fun activity to do with your preschooler?!  Make sure you click here to access the FREE download.  What activities have you done lately to practice these skills with your kiddo?  Please tell me!

Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer~ I was not compensated for any of these products.  I just like using them in my home classroom.
xoxo Darby

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