Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What You Might Not Know

Okay it's time to peel back some more layers, and let you know just a few more things you might not know about yours truly.Five Facts
Previous lists of weird Hawley-isms for more distractions hehehe
1. PRISON- With a starter like that, I imagine I know what you're thinking.  Ha! But you're wrong!  Right before I moved to Houston I worked for the Department of Corrections writing the science curriculum (earth science, biology, chemistry, & physics) for high school students who were incarcerated.  Did you know that youth who are in prison still have to go to school? Well they do; it's just a bit challenging to teach the same lesson using a bunsen burner that a non-incarcerated student would learn.  I helped create unique ways to teach the same lessons & went into the facilities to train teachers to use technology to teach incarcerated youth the same concepts that were being taught in the public school system.  Truly a wonderful experience!  So I have been to prison, many times, but not court mandated.

2. ALONE IN EUROPE- Between my sophomore & junior year in high school, I spent a summer touring Europe, 8 countries, as an ambassador of music for the state.  I qualified in a state competition as the 3rd alto, and so I sang my way across Europe by myself.  It was one of the single most terrifying, thrilling, and life changing events in my life.  From the things I saw (from landscape to concentration camps), people I met, how I matured, truly changed who I am, and I am forever grateful for those 2.5 months alone in Europe singing blues and jazz.

3. DANCE- I danced for 24 years in some form of organized group.   I have danced everything from ballet and swing, to tap and hip hop.  I love it all.....though hip hop is by far my favorite.  I have danced for private dance schools, UDA (even invited to dance in the Macy's Day parade!), and even in high school and college (I was the captain for 3 years in HS & 3 years in college). I dropped out of dance team my 4th year of college so that I could prep for graduate school.  But dance team is actually how I met the Mr.  He played basketball, number 33, and I used to dance at his games.  I used to thing he was the hottest man on the I just had to marry that man! I sure did love watching that hunk shoot hoops, and while everyone around me knew how much I liked him, it took a while to finally hit me lol

4. ELEVEN PIERCINGS- There was this Facebook status going around for a while, you know one of those where you copy, paste it into your status, & fill in the blanks.  I never participate in those, but for some reason I did a few months ago.  One of the questions was how many piercings do I have.  I wrote 11, and I got SO many comments on that.  Apparently that was really shocking for everyone.  But it's true!  My first piercing I got was my ears when I was 6 years old (the doctor did it, and clearly not the most trained because it was too far back, so my 2nd ear piercing is actually in front of my second).  When I was younger, my mom would always do this thing where when I was stressed about something or getting ready to try out for something, she would surprise me with a trip to get my ears pierced.  Sooooo maybe I was an anxious kid? Maybe I tried out for too many things? Maybe I liked getting stuff pierced? I don't know! lol So I have 4 paired piercings in each ear- that's 8 if you're not a math person ;-), plus a cartilage piercing.  When I was 15 I got my belly button pierced and then when I was in college I got my nose pierced.  I still have all of my piercings even if I don't wear metal with them all the time.

Okay, I know that I said I was going to share 5, but 4 is all my brain can handle tonight ha!  
There is a dip into my past for you.  
Learn anything new? 
Did I shock you??
xoxo Darby

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Nadine said...

That is so fun that you met the mister because of dance! 11 piercings does sound like a lot, but when you count them out it makes sense haha. So cool that you were invited to dance in the Macy's parade!!!! That is one constant must see every year for me.

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