Monday, March 12, 2018

Egg Double Dice + FREE Printable

When you bring chocolate into the classroom you can REALLY capture your audience! Ha! We've used the "Roll. Write. Dice" (FREE download from last spring here) for a while, but we're starting to progress & need something a little more advanced now, so I thought of DOUBLE DICE!!! So I've made a more advanced, and of course seasonal, version for you for FREE today :-)Easter Double Dice- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
With my previous version of Roll. Write. Dice. only ONE dice was involved so the numbers only went up to six. We are way passed that number now so we need to push for more challenge. (Sidebar, I actually just now looked up the singular vs. the plural form for dice).  With this updated version, you will use two dice, which not only will give you numbers up to 12, but also allows instruction time for addition.  So first, go HERE to download the latest version to print off (I also laminated mine but you could also use page protectors).  Using these foam dice, your child will roll to identify the two numbers and then add them.  Using a dry erase marker they can write the sum as a word or a digit, and then count out the corresponding number of Easter eggs (I like Cadbury Eggs, YUM!) to put in the Easter basket. So much fun (and yummy too!).
xoxo Darby

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