Friday, March 23, 2018

Easter Egg Tubes

The kids and I did this yesterday, and it was the easiest thing that led to hours of entertainment. I have to share this with you!  I strategically selected to work on the letter 'E' for the next two weeks because I knew that with Easter and all of the eggs, I would have plenty of opportunities to use "real life" to reinforce what we are learning.Easter Egg Tubes- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool

I know this might be a tad bit weird, but I am always collecting paper towel & toilet paper rolls.  We use them all the time, and why not?!  So easy and versatile!  I was initially going to just use these eggs for matching and colors yesterday, but then my collection of rolls caught my eye & I changed my mind. DSC_0401

This is so simple & fun.  You could use these eggs, or left over Easter eggs from last year.  I put the eggs in one tray & the tubes in another, and placed the trays at opposite ends of the hallway.  The kids had to set up the tubes at one end of the hall, and using the tongs (Ellis actually used a ladle), they had to carry the egg without dropping it, to the paper roll and place it on top.  So that Dutch wouldn't cheat and use his non-dominant hand to steady the tongs while he was walking, I got him to carry a cup in his left hand so that he was forced to build those muscles in his right hand & wrist.  So this ended up being a really fun way to talk about the letter 'E", what sounds it makes, an egg race, & all while building motor skills and working on coordination.  Fun stuff!  DSC_0405DSC_0406DSC_0407

Let me know if you try this with your little one, and what they think!

Have a great weekend y'all!

xoxo Darby

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