Monday, May 14, 2012

Vlog Link-up Par-Tay!!!

Happy Monday!  I hope y'all had a great weekend!  I certainly did, because I GRADUATED (pictures to come soon).  But I'm really excited today because the vlog party starts today!!!! Aren't you SO excited!? I am really looking forward to watching your vlogs and hearing all about your vlogging experiences.

My good friend Crystal from Homemaker In Heels and I are co-hosting a vlogging link-up party and we want to invite YOU to come along the vlogging journey with us :-) Crystal and I have prepared some awesome prompts for you and we can’t wait to mingle with you in vlog world. Wahooo!!!!

Starting today you can link up your vlog to the par-tay.  The prompts for the vlogs are below so you can start linking up TODAY!!!!  Of course with any linky party there will be some guidelines but I think you will enjoy and agree with them.

Vlogging Guidelines
  • You must be a follower of Homemaker in Heels and Life with the Hawley.
  • Answer at least one of the vlog prompts below with a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Link up to your vlog post, not your main URL.  If you're new to link-up parties there is a link-up button at the bottom of this post that you click and follow the instructions to link up your vlog post from your blog.  Don't worry, it's very simple and you will catch on quickly :-)
  • Post our vlogging button (below) somewhere on your blog; either in your vlog post or on your sidebar is fine.
  • Mingle with the other vloggers and leave comments on their posts. *Make new friends* :-)
  • Let us know in a comment below what you thought about vlogging, and if you would like this to become a reoccurring series.

Prompt Ideas
Why did you start blogging?
What is your favorite & least favorite part about blogging?  
An accent vlog like I did, or like Crystal did.
What is your ideal vacation?
What item can absolutely not live without?
What is on your summer reading list?
What would your ideal date night be like?
What is your favorite memory?
What is/are your pet peeves?
Who is your blogging idol?
What is your greatest fear?

Both Crystal and I are new to vlogging, so if you are new to vlogging also don’t let that deter you from participating.  We are greatly looking forward to meeting you and watching your vlogs :-) WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!

Here is my vlog for the link up.  I decided to start sharing some of the answers to the questions you all submitted (see here).  I will be sharing more about this on Wednesday!

xoxo Darby


Unknown said...

I have to post mine after work today. I'm excited though! Yay vlogging!

ErlizaMac said...

Love it!! You and I have the same pet peeve with our husbands - Joe also is terribly slow at making decisions. He researches and researches and reads reviews and price compares.... it took us six months almost to buy a GPS! I am much more like you, I decide I want something, pick it out, and just get on with it. I'm excited to see more installments! :)

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Hi Darby,

Just wanted to stop by and say hi since you were so kind as to come by and leave me a message at Quirky Vistas. I don't have a vlog to link up that fits in with today's theme, but I do have a video I created during an outdoor project on the post:
I'm now following your blog. Hope you'll come by again and follow as well!


Lindsay said...

I am so bummed I didn't get to do a Vlog yet. With the whole house situation, I feel a little crazy right now. Life needs to slow down, but will it really ever?? Looks like there are some great link-ups here!

Crystal said...

Yayyyy!! I cannot believe I am JUST now seeing this! I LOVE it!!! I love the story of ow you met Phil! I have wondered if he was an athelete! So sweet :)
I am so much like Phil when it comes to decision-making.. I research each and every little detail and take forever! I usually make it so much more stressful than it has to be!
I agree on the blogging, I always feel like I'm not devoting enough time to my relationships with other bloggers. When I try to balance it out, I end up neglecting blogs and relationships I love. That bothers me so much, but my goal is to become better about this. :)
You did a fabulous job!!! I love how you added tect this time! It was just so personable!! :) I will email you later girl! Hope you are having a wonderful day! :)

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